February Presidents Letter

Dear Members,
We had a very well attended General meeting on Tuesday the 8th of February, with some great ideas coming forth. As discussed at the meeting, we will be building a flower bed to try and stop water coming in from our neighbours. This will take a few weeks to complete. During this time, please be patient with the current water situation.

The club is also looking at installing larger pumps to remove the water from the track area quicker. Due to this we may have to run new power cables, so again a bit of time is needed.

How long will this take? Being that we all work normal hours, most of this will take place out of hours, but we will do it as quickly as possible. All I ask is that you have patience with the track situation and we will get there.

A vote was taken whether to keep the AMB timing system running on club days as a back up to the CMS system. The vote was yes. The committee had tried to go with the CMS alone as we have trouble finding helpers to run the race meeting, so to have two systems means two people. So we need helpers. For February club day we need a starter, finisher and canteen assistants. In the future we will need the above as well as a CMS timing person. As the members have voted for this, I hope that they will be supplying the people to man these positions.

On the 6th and 7th of May there will be an Endurance event at the track, so the track will be closed for normal use by members. It is a 6 hour event to be held on the Saturday. Keep your eye on the web site for details as they come to hand.

Good luck in your racing.

Adam Bourke
President of the OGKRC