Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club 2023 Club Day Regulations

The Championship will be contested over nine club days. The November club day will not count towards the Club Championship:

  • February: Saturday the 25th Day/Night Meeting
  • March: Saturday the 18th Day/Night Meeting
  • April: Saturday the 29th Day/Night Meeting
  • May: Sunday the 21st Day Meeting
  • June: Sunday the 25th Day Meeting
  • July: Sunday the 16th Day Meeting
  • August: Saturday the 19th Day Meeting
  • September: Saturday the 16th Day/Night Meeting
  • October: Saturday the 14th Day/Night Meeting
  • November: Saturday the 25th All Day/Night Meeting


Gates Open: 10:00 AM
Practice: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Drivers Briefing: 12:45 PM
Racing/Qualifying: 1:00 PM
Gates Open: 8:00 AM
Drivers Briefing: 8:45 AM
Racing/Qualifying: 9:00 AM
Gates Open: 7:00 AM
Practice: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Drivers Briefing: 9:00 AM
Racing/Qualifying: 9:15 AM

Under the 2023 Karting Australia rulebook any class listed in the class rules as approved for use in club competition must be offered at a club day.
Anyone wishing to race in a class other than the 15 listed below will be grouped with an appropriate class, however, they will not be eligible for championship points, trophies or podium presentations.
The 2023 championship classes are:

  • Cadet 9
  • Cadet 12
  • KA3 Junior Light
  • KA3 Junior Heavy
  • KA2
  • KA3 Senior Light
  • KA3 Senior Medium
  • TaG 125 Restricted Light
  • TaG 125 Restricted Medium
  • TaG 125 @172KG
  • 4SS Light
  • 4SS Medium
  • 4SS Heavy

Race Formats
All race formats must be chosen from an approved list supplied by Karting Australia.
There will be two formats used for 2023 alternating each month with a third format used only at Class Titles:

  • Format 18 (March, May, July, September):
Heat 1Heat 2Heat 3Final
Random DrawReverse Heat 1 GridPoints From Heat 1 & 2Finishing Positions From Heat 3

(P Platers To The Rear)

  • Format 5 (February, April, June, August, October):
QualifyingHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Final
6 MinutesTimes From
Points From
Heat 1
Points From
Heat 1 & 2
Points From
Heat 1, 2 & 3
  • Format 4 (Class Titles)
QualifyingHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Final
6 MinutesTimes From
Points From
Heat 1
Points From
Heat 1 & 2
Points From
Heat 1, 2 & 3
Finishing Positions
From Heat 4

The 401 system will be used on the day and to determine the overall championship points.
Zero points for DNF/DNS.

Championship Trophies
To be eligible for end of year championship trophies a class must have a minimum of three entries at seven of the ten rounds.
You must be a member of the Oakleigh Go Kart Club to be eligible for the Club Championship.