Please Pre-Enter All Races Online

The AKA now offers drivers the option to pre-enter race meetings online using your user name (licence number) and password. These credentials have been sent out to you from the VKA at the time of your licence renewal. So to help our club days run smoother and faster, we need all competitors to pre-enter via the AKA website. If you decide not to race it is easier to take you off the system than it is to enter you on the day. It is important that we all get into the habit of entering online as a lot of the major events will require online entries.

The AKA CMS system allows you to enter online, as well as giving you access to a range of information including:

  • Licence renewals and upgrades
  • Your personal details (endorsements and penalties)
  • Your current licence grade (A, B C etc)
  • Races you have entered and the results of those meetings
  • Lists other drivers who have pre-entered a race meeting

As we now all have access to the AKA CMS system, and the ability to enter online and check that our details are up to date, the club and officials of OGKRC will not be responsible if your licence is not correct with the information that you think it should have. We also will not be handling any issues in relation to licence renewals or club membership on the day of racing.

Whilst we will not be solving any disputes with your licence on the day of a race meeting, we are happy to help solve any issue you may have at least 48 hours prior to a race meeting. If you think you have a problem then contact the VKA directly, or the OGKRC membership secretary, Angela Russell.

If you have any question in relation to online entries of the CMS system then please email or phone after 4pm.

Look forward to seeing you at the next club day

Safe racing
Michelle Carless

Race Secretary OGKRC