March – April Presidents Letter

Hi All,
Well I am a little late with the March Race / Club report,. Been a little busy with my other job that actually pays me.

The March club day was well down on numbers, probably due to the other little race meeting that was on the same weekend. The day / night went great though still with some great racing and due to the small number of classes finished fairly early. There was still some fantastic racing though.

The new club room has come to a bit of a stand still mainly due to the fact that we have been concentrating on building those new flower beds, although I have been ensured that works will start in the next 2 weeks.

Our new track committee is up and running and have taken some original plans away to discuss a new track layout so we can move forward.

On Saturday the 9th of April we had our Southern City Classic. We had 114 entries and after a lot of confusion finally got the classes decided. The new Sportsman class was run and while numbers were down those that raced really seemed to enjoy the class. The long lap format did not eventuate due to the weather, but the racing in most classes was fantastic and very close.

Drive of the night was Aaron Lawrence in Sportsman Heavy with the best glowing break disk I have ever seen. Allegedly his accelerator was stuck on.

I have a new respect for the officials, as I was assistant Clerk of Course for the night. Anyone who wishes to complain about the job they do, can come and stand out on the track for 8 hours in pouring rain and wind. Then you may have the right to complain about the job they do and a new respect for the conditions they have to endure.

Don’t forget general meeting this Tuesday the 12th and club day the 23rd of April.

Good luck in your racing.

Adam Bourke
President of the OGKRC