June 2011 Presidents Letter

Hi Members,
It has been a while (too long) since I did a note for the web site. To let you in on a secret, I have been doing what I love, and that is racing.

Around the club you may have noted that Malcolm McLellan has stood aside as treasurer and Richard Camilleri has taken this role on. Malcolm wishes to concentrate on our new club rooms, so to try and do the two jobs was impossible. We will now see some progress with the club rooms / canteen.

The track committee have come up with some ideas for a new track layout that looks great. They are now putting some costs together.

I need all members to keep an eye on the web site to see when our next working bee is happening. We have quite a few jobs to do and it would be great to see new people helping out and not calling to see when the working bee will be finished so they can come and practice. Don’t forget, you get a free club day race entry for helping out at a working bee.

I have noted that over the last few club days the lower pit area has a lot of area free, and yet the spaces are marked. I have photos of this and will be removing the ropes that were not used. If you do not want to lose your rope, please remove it in the next couple of weeks. This will also be a discussion point at the July general meeting on what to do about this situation.

Talking about club days, I think there is a mis-conception that if you do not pre-enter, that you cannot race. This is totally incorrect. You can still enter on the day and race, although it is preferred that you do pre-enter. If you do pre-enter, it has to be done by the Wednesday before race day.

Our entries on club days are dropping somewhat, especially in the senior classes, and I need to find out why. We have around 300 licenced members and yet only around 100 race. Take out those that are helping around the club, or have set aside their budget to race at open meetings, I believe this would still leave around 200 people who could race at club day. I would like to find out why they don’t. As you might be aware, you are able to leave comments at the bottom of this post, so please do, or if you prefer e-mail me at president@ogkrc.com.au and let me know your views.

Our members that have been racing at various open meetings around the country, have been performing well at country meetings and even the Nationals, and I congratulate them all. Whether you place in the first three, or the last three, the effort is still the same so you should all be proud of both yourselves and your pit crew.

I look forward to seeing you at the next club day and around the club.

Yours in karting
Adam Bourke
President OGKRC