Race Report 2011 All Star Series Round 4

OGKRC’s Paul Griffiths (Life Member & Resident Race Starter) filed the following race report after this weekend All Star Series races.

Clubman Heavy – Lee Mitchener and Leigh Nicolaou waged a race long battle for the lead, Collet back in third and Mitch Cuzens further back in fourth. Chris Sanderson threw a chain with a lap to go. Last lap, Mitchener and Nicolau side by side, half a kart length win to Nicoloau.

Rotax Light – Brad Jenner pulled away from Tim Edwards after a tussle in the early laps and went on to a comfortable win

Rotax Heavy – Early battle between NSW’s Daniel Stein, Paul Rodgers and Reece Broady, eventually Broady dropped off. With 7 to go Stein had put a kart length on Rodgers and held him off to win.

Junior National Light – Francis off pole, McLellan, Strongman, Justin Black, Chelsea D’Angleo and National Champ James Golding behind her. McLellan, Francis and Black pulled an early gap, then Golding and D’Angelo. Strongman went back at the start then recovered to fifth as Golding dropped off. Front three kept dicing but still kept clear of D’Angelo in a lonely fourth. Six laps to go Strongman and Golding came together at Tony Kart turn Strongman DNF’d while Golding continued in fifth. McLellan, Francis and Black 1,2,3 with 4 to go – locked together.With 1 to go McLellan gapped Francis who also pulled four kart lengths on Black and McLellan went on to a well deserved win.

Leopard Heavy – Daniel Stein had been the pace all weekend, Lawrence, Cullis and Whyhoon starting behind him. Richard Camilleri started off the rear having had a Pre Final DNF. Stein pulled an early gap on Lawrence and Camilleri was through to fourth by the third lap, getting to third by the half way mark. Eventually Stein drove to an untroubled win, Lawrence second and Camilleri finished third.

Rookies – Prasevic pulled an early lead from Guillou and Hughes, then Dylan Adams and Zane Morse. Halfway Prasevic untroubled in the lead and Hughes closing on Guillou. Dylan Adams a lonely fourth then a bunch including Spencer Ackerman, Elijah D’Cruz and Nicholas Sims recovering from a DNF in the heats. In the end Prasevic by a huge margin and Hughes held off Guillou for second.

Leopard Light – James Sera off pole and recent graduate from Restricted Daniel Paronetto off two with Michael Carless off the back after DNF’ing a wet pre final. Sera pulled an early lead, Paronetto shuffled back at the start, Josh King into second and Scott Kissock third. After 6 laps McDougall retired, Carless into third after contact with Kissock in the Dipper and King still second. With 5 to go King, Carless and Paronetto battling for 2, 3, 4 – very close and Sera way out in front. In the end an easy win to Sera and the next group stayed as they were.

JMAX – Messy first lap or two with Reece Bloomfield getting a huge break early then Golding, McClellan,Densley and Matthew Smith. Eventually Densley overhauled McLellan but Bloomfield took an easy win.

TAG Restricted 125 – Kovacs, Mayland and Ozimek off 1, 2, 3 and ended Lap 1 in that order. After 3 laps Meyland took a journey into the grass and dropped to third, but these three pulled quite a gap on Starford, Triantafillidis, Trennery and Khan. Eventually Kovacs won, followed by Meyland and Ozimek third.

Junior Clubman – Anton De Pasquale off pole with Francis second and Wallis off third. De Pasquale into the lead after a reformed start, WA’s Nicholas Rowe DNF’d on lap one with a dislodged nosecone, Francis into second and Wallis third and this is how they stayed until the chequered flag.

Clubman Light – After three laps, polesitter James Sera had established a commanding lead, followed by a group of karts led by Jack Wynack, Leigh and Jordan Nicolaou, then Andrew Carey and Jordan Ford. Sera took an easy win, with Jordan second and Leigh Nicolaou third after he passed Wynack in the last lap.

Midgets – Caruso off pole, with Jordan Sinni, Jai Sparey and Alex Morse behind him. Caruso an early break with Dylan Hollis swooping through to second and Jai Sparey third. Stayed this way until at least half race distance when Sparey went through to second. Morse and Sinni in fourth and fifth were gaining on these two while Caruso was safe in the lead. Hollis back into second with 5 to go but Morse, Sinni and Sparey were all in the mix for 2nd – 5th. Eventually Caruso took the win, followed by Hollis, Morse, then Sparey and Sinni all very close together.

Junior National Heavy – Strongman & DePasquale of the front with lots of talent behind them. They took off, then Nicholas Rowe and Jake Klein, Dale Simpson, Jayden Wallis and Robert Titherington. By mid race DePasquale had pulled ten kart lengths on Strongman but Klein and Rowe were locked in a battle for 3 and 4. DePasqulae went on to win comfortably, Strongman second with Klein holding off a fast finishing Rowe.

Open Performance – After Lindstrom qualified fastest and won every heat, Hamish Leighton got a better start and led for at least half the race with James and Mathew Mills making up the rest of the field. With seven to go Jordie went to the lead and drove away to record an easy victory.