OGKRC Member Gets Married

OGKRC Life Member Paul Griffiths wrote in to advise that his son Michael has just married his bride Emma. Congratulations Michael.

Here is proof that Juniors can race together and still come out of it mates in years to come.

Yesterday was Michael’s wedding and I took this pic of him, best man Justin Schneider and groomsman Tim Vohmann at Mike’s house as they were about to leave for the ceremony. All three raced each other as juniors in 2001 and raced often against each other as seniors. Sometimes one took the other out, but after racing always a laugh and “get you next time”. Justin of course went on to win a number of state titles and was National Champion in Leopard Heavy in 2008, Mike winning SA state title last year in the same class and Tim was an accomplished and hard charging racer and later mechanic.

I was pleased and proud that the three remained good mates and yesterday was a high point. The wedding was also attended by a number of current and former Oakleigh members and a good time was had by all.

Paul Griffiths

The Three Amigo's Off To The Wedding - Nice Threads Guys