March Club Day 2012 Race Report

OGKRC’s Paul Griffiths has filed the following race report after this weekends 2012 March Club Day.

Open Performance

Heat 1: Only 4 entries and the field reduced to 3 before H1 even started in showery conditions on a slippery track. Vic Open Leopard Light Pole sitter Michael Carless shot to the lead with John Reynolds and one time Oakleigh Junior star James Reid battling it out for 2nd and 3rd. Eventually Reid pulled clear in second, but Carless was a long way ahead. With 3 to go Reid was visibly catching him. As they began the last lap Carless spun at Tony Kart turn and Reid sailed through for a win, with Reynolds 2nd.

Heat 2: Again only 4 competitors and Michael Carless this time a big lead, then John Reynolds, Heat 1 dns Imran Khan, and James Reid bringing up the rear.  With 2 to go Reid got through to 3rd, but out front Carless was doing it easy and Reynolds home in 2nd.

Final: Only 3 karts, Reid, Reynolds and Carless faced the starter for the final with Reynolds through to the lead from Carless after one lap, then Reid in 3rd. Ten laps later that’s how they finished (Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!) although Carless did pressure Reynolds in the last few laps, Reid was well back in 3rd.

Winners on the Day: John Reynolds, James Reid, Michael Carless


Heat 1: The rain got heavier as the Cadets rolled out the gate and after a few chaotic laps it was local Jai Sparey leading Jordan Dudfield and George Gower. As the race progressed Sparey put on a clinic in the wet, driving away from the rest of the field. Jordyn Sinni eventually caught Dudfield after starting well back but had to settle for 3rd, meanwhile Sparey was already back at the scales.

Heat 2: After they settled, Nathan Williams and Tyler O’Leary battled for the lead with Sinni and Sparey close behind. This group had a good break on Jordan Dudfield in 5th and Connor Callanan 6th. Williams was proving hard to catch and got away from the next 3 as Sinni and Sparey diced for 2nd with O’Leary still there in 4th. With 2 to go Sparey passed Williams for the lead and pulled away – Sparey looking good for the Final. Sinni stayed in 3rd and O’Leary 4th, then Callanan and Dudfield 5th and 6th

Final: Jai Sparey off pole and straight to the lead, the Sinni, O’Leary, Williams, Dudfield and George Gower. After 4 laps this lot had pulled well away from the rest and Sparey, then Sinni were well clear at the front with Sparey pulling even further away. In the end the only battle of note was between O’Leary and Dudfield for 4th and 5th with Dudfield getting past with 3 laps to go. Sparey an easy win, Sinni 2nd from a closing Williams, then Dudfield, O’Leary and Gower.

Winners on the Day: Jai Sparey, Jordyn Sinni, Nathan Williams

Junior National Heavy

Heat 1: Still wet and slippery as Mathew Lane shot to the lead from 4th with Aaron Jackson 2nd, Will Hawkes 3rd  and Jordan Poxon 4th, and behind them pole sitter Adam Capek and Justin Carless. After 4 laps Jackson was closing on Lane at the front and sat on his crashbar for a number of laps while Hawkes was a lonely 3rd and Capek made up for his bad start by catching and passing Poxon, who immediately passed him back and they began dicing on the still wet track with Capek eventually getting past and pulling away. Meanwhile Jackson and Lane duked it out for the lead with Lane just appearing to have the edge in the greasy conditions. Lane was eventually victorious after a failed attempt by Jackson to get past in the Dipper, winning by 4 kart lengths, then Hawkes, Poxon, Carless with Capek a dnf in the trap at Coffey Ford corner with a couple of laps to go.

Heat 2: Will Hawkes straight to the lead followed by Kyle Hunt then Justin Carless and Matt Lane. Before long, Lane was through to second then Carless, Capek and Hunt dropping back. Lane started reeling Hawkes in by half race distance as Capek continued in 3rd then Carless seeming to recover from a mid race problem, Poxon, Matthew Rhodes then Hunt. Four to go and Lane into the lead with Hawkes now sandwiched between him and Capek in a tight bunch. Half a lap to go and Lane had a gap which he held to the flag, then Capek got past Hawkes who finished 3rd, followed by Carless and Poxon.

Final: Lane off pole, then Hawkes, Carless and Poxon, followed by Rhodes and Capek. Carless through at the start as Hawkes ran wide, but Lane back to the lead on Lap 2, then Poxon, Carless, and Hawkes recovering in 4th. Paterson and Rhodes followed them in 5th and 6th. By halfway Lane and Poxon had put a good gap on the rest of the field, Hawkes right on the back of Carless looking to go into 3rd. With 2 to go Hawkes dnf’d leaving Carless alone in 3rd but out front Lane gapped Poxon by ten kart lengths to win. Jake Paterson took 4th and Dylan O’Keefe 5th.

Winners on the Day: Matthew Lane, Jordan Poxon, Justin Carless

Clubman Heavy

Heat 1: With the track now drying Anthony Contarino went to the lead at the start followed by Chris Thomas and Tim Edwards. Vic Open pole sitter Mark Dorbolo was starting out of 8th but rolled to a halt just after the light went green in front of the lap scorers box. Thomas took the lead after 3 laps, then Contarino and Edwards 3rd, Anthony Westaway 4th and the David’s, Walker and Dvorak, battling to bring up the rear. With 4 to go Thomas slid off at MKC corner handing the lead to Contarino who went on to win from Edwards, with Westaway half a lap back in third.

Heat 2: This time for Mark Dorbolo off pole a good start, and took the lead from Chris Thomas, Anthony Westaway and Tim Edwards. Lachlan Citrine in 5th then David Dvorak and Russell Newnham. Anthony Contarino an unlucky dns stopping in the roll arounds. Dorbolo showed the form his Vic Open pole position promised and led comfortably from Thomas in a lonely 2nd, then Westaway and Edwards battling for 3rd and 4th. In the end that’s how they crossed the line.

Final: Tim Edwards off P1, then Westaway and Dvorak, but Dorbolo was quickly through to the lead from P4, Chris Thomas following him into 2nd, Edwards and Westaway following them with Dvorak further back in 5th. Dorbolo seemed to drag Thomas along with him, the two putting a big gap on the rest of the field. With 4 laps to go Thomas was gaining on Dorbolo – certainly closer than his finishing position in Heat 2. In the end though, Dorbolo held sway to win comfortably from Thomas, Edwards, Westaway, Dvorak and Citrine, and P Plater David Walker bringing up the rear.

Winners on the Day: Timothy Edwards, Anthony Westaway, Mark Dorbolo

Clubman Super Heavy

Heat 1: With the track now approaching a dry state, the big boys got off to a start with Don Singh unfortunately off at Arrow Corner on Lap 1. Mal Hunt shot to the lead then Mark Hunt, Steve Polak and Grant Harrop, with P Plater Simon O’Connor at the rear. In what was looking like being possibly the most boring race ever run, things livened up considerably when Mal Hunt lapped O’Connor and Mark Hunt followed him through too, then Mark passed Mal for the lead. As the last lap began both Hunts pirouetted at Coffey Ford but kept going in the same order, Mark the winner, Mal 2nd then Polak, Harrop and O’Connor.

Heat 2: The two Hunt’s show continued with Mark in the lead and Mal 2nd after a couple of laps; MKC’s Steve Polak in 3rd, Harrop in 4th and Don Singh bringing up the tail. For most of the race the two Hunt’s battled away for the lead, with Mark pulling a small gap on the last lap to record a victory over Mal, Steve Polak, then O’Connor and Singh.

Final: Mark Hunt, Mal Hunt, then Steve Polak, Grant Harrop, Don Singh & Simon O’Connor started the Clubman Super Heavy Final. Mal to the lead at the green, then Mark, Steve Polak and Harrop, with Singh spun out at Coffey Ford Lap 1, so P Plater O’Connor into 5th. Only Open Performance threatened to put on a less interesting display as they stayed this way for 8 laps, but eventually Mark Hunt got onto the back of Mal Hunt in the lead. On the last lap at Grid Corner Mark got under Mal and held on to win by 3/10ths, with Steve Polak 3rd and Harrop 4th.

Winners on the Day: Mark Hunt, Malcolm Hunt, Steve Polak

Junior National Light

Heat 1: After a number of roll arounds on a drying track we got a start. Will Hawkes had chosen slicks and shot to the lead with a number of karts off at Coffey Ford Lap 1. When they settled, Ashton Andoloro was 2nd and Braydon North through to 3rd after starting 13th. North soon went through to the lead, with Hawkes and Andoloro boxing on in the Carousel. Westaway was 4th, then Nicholas Steel, Spencer Ackerman, Nicholas Sims and Andrew Sotiropolous. Despite an almost dry track, North running wets drove away from Hawkes on slicks and ended up winning comfortably, with Andoloro 3rd.

Heat 2: Under lights by this time of the evening, Braydon North off p2 shot to an early lead with Lucas Filikotzias in 2nd and Will Hawkes through to 3rd from 12th after 2 laps. Another lap and Hawkes in 2nd, then Nicholas Steel through to 3rd, and Luke Guillou 4th. Guillou soon into 3rd, but out front North had ridden West into the sunset, a long way back to Hawkes in 2nd and even further back to Guillou in 3rd with Steel clear in 4th. With 2 to go Hawkes was catching North slowly but was never going to reel him in and that’s how they finished, then Guillou, Steel, Filikotzias, Ackerman, Andoloro, Sparey and Sims.

Final: After 2 laps it was Hawkes and North out front, then Andoloro, Ackerman and Sims, then Guillou and P3 starter Nicholas Steel, who dropped back to 7th at the start. Hawkes and North were showing the locals how it was done, driving away at the pointy end. With 3 to go Guillou had made it through to 4th after starting 10th, then passed Andoloro as the last lap began. Hawkes and North were gone though, crossing the line 1, 2, then Guillou, Andaloro, Ackerman, Steel and Sims.

Winners on the Day: Braydon North, William Hawkes, Ashton Andaloro

Sportsman 125 Heavy

Heat 1: Now a truly dry track saw S125 Heavy get a clean start and regular Clubman Over 40’s competitor Phil Smith was in the lead by the end of the first lap after starting 7th. Luke Andoloro 2nd, then Andrew Yuill 3rd followed by Richard Camilleri and Martin Ritchie with long time racer Geoff Whyhoon following closely in 6th. Meanwhile back at the front, Smith just drove smoothly away and won in a canter from Andoloro then Camilleri and Ritchie who both got past Yuill with 1 to go.

Heat 2: A pair of Hunts off the front row with Mark and Rhys leading them away, but Heat 1 winner Phil Smith through to the lead in 2 laps, Martin Ritchie 2nd then Richard Camilleri in 4th, and Geoff Whyhoon further back. Ritchie wasn’t letting Smith get away, Mark Hunt soldiered on in 3rd, then Camilleri, Rhys Hunt and Whyhoon after 6 laps. Eventually Smith held on for a five kart length win from Ritchie, and Camilleri squeezed past Mark Hunt at MKC corner on the last lap for 3rd.

Final: Untouchable in the Heats, Phil Smith led them away at the start with Richard Camilleri through to 2nd, then Ritchie, Luke Andaloro and Mark and Rhys Hunt. By halfway Camilleri had dropped back to 3rd and looked in danger of going further back, while Smith and Ritchie cruised away in 1 and 2. With 4 to go Ritchie was gaining on Smith and would catch him if he kept going like this. Catch him he did, and with 2 laps left he was right on Smith, still Camilleri and Andaloro in 3 and 4. Ritchie went to the lead halfway through the second last lap and Camilleri was coming too. Smith held on for 2nd , following Ritchie across the line with Camilleri close behind, then Andaloro, Rhys and then Mark Hunt.

Winners on the Day: Philip Smith, Martin Richie, Richard Camilleri


Heat 1: Mathew Iredale led away a field of 14 Rookies but it was Dylan Hollis who jumped to the lead at the start, then Iredale, then Mathew Steel, Blake Kolar, Jack Bell and Bradley Stewart in 6th. If you can be an experienced Rookie, then Hollis is one, and he drove a smooth race in the lead, but Iredale and Steel were not far behind for many laps. Bad luck for Iredale who collided with a lapped kart and dropped to 4th. Finally it was Hollis taking a well deserved victory then Steel, Bell and Iredale.

Heat 2: After a lap, front rowers Bell and Kolar 1 and 2, but it wasn’t long before Hollis and Iredale were with them having started out of 8th and 10th respectively.  Iredale to the front in Lap 3 and Hollis following him through to 2nd.  Another lap and Hollis to the front at Tony Kart turn with Jack Bell gamely hanging onto the back of the two front runners. Further back in 4th Kolar, then Mathew Steel, Maximmo Torcasio and Jake Harewood. Iredale back to the lead with 3 to go from Hollis and Bell right on them in 3rd.  With 2 to go Hollis expired coming into the Carousel leaving Iredale to battle it out with Bell – Iredale eventually home by a kart length, then way back to Kolar in 3rd, then Steel and Torcasio in 4th and 5th.

Final: Iredale off Pole, then Bell, Steel, Kolar and Stewart. Watch for Hollis out of 7 after his Heat 2 dnf. At the go, Iredale to the front, then Steel, Bell and Kolar – Hollis through to 5th, then 4th by Tony Kart turn on Lap 2. A big tangle at Coffey Ford in Lap 4 spread the back of the field out, but up front still Iredale, then Steel and Bell locked together and Hollis waiting to pounce. By halfway these 4 were in a train at the front, the rest are well back. With 4 to go Bell goes to 2nd, then with 2 to go Hollis through on Steel and into 3rd, but Iredale still holds off Bell for the lead. Start of the last lap Bell goes under Iredale at Coffey Ford to lead at the start of a fabulous lap of Rookie racing. Tight lines by Bell brings Hollis onto the back of him and Iredale – in a sensational finish Bell holds on by 0.016 from Iredale, then Hollis only another tenth back, and Steel in 4th. Best race of the night!!

Winners on the Day: Jack Bell, Matthew Iredale, Matthew Steel

Junior Clubman

Heat 1: A field of 7 karts saw Jordan Poxon shoot to the lead with Reece Bloomfield close behind and soon into the lead on Lap 2. Dylan Slits in 3rd, then the lyrically named Leonardo Lo Bianco in 4thwith Jake Klein and Matthew McLean making up the rear of a quality field. Justin Carless dnf’d at the Dipper sans chain in the first couple of laps, and by halfway Bloomfield had a good lead and Slits was hot on the heels of Poxon. Further back Klein and McLean got past Lo Bianco and with 2 to go Slits was falling back into their clutches too. Last lap and Bloomfield comfortably in the lead, Poxon second and Slits held on for 3rd.

Heat 2: Just a hint of moisture as Junior Clubman began Heat 2 and Matthew McLean ahead of Jake Klein and Leonardo Lo Bianco after 1 lap. Lo Bianco into 2nd then Klein, Poxon and Heat 1 winner Bloomfield. Klein back into 2nd after 3 laps, but it was still Matt McLean out front. Bloomfield was closing on Klein for 2nd with 4 to go but McLean still held a ten kart length lead. With 2 to go McLean’s lead was halved and Bloomfield was through to 2nd. Into the Dipper and Bloomfield and Klein through on McLean with 1 ½ laps left. Bloomfield pulled a small gap and led home Klein and McLean – the three of them almost three wide across the track at the finish, then Poxon, Carless and Slits.

Final: Bloomfield into the lead at the start with Klein close behind, then a gap to McLean, Poxon, Carless, Lo Bianco and Slits. After 3 laps Bloomfield and Klein were well clear of the rest and Bloomfield continued to drive away. The longer the race went the more they all seemed to spread out, but eventually McLean caught Klein and provided some action as he worked on getting into 2nd place. At the back Lo Bianco and Carless waltzed around with Slits looking on just a shade behind them. Eventually Bloomfield won, then Klein as McLean’s run evaporated, then Poxon in 4th, Lo Bianco, Carless and Slits.

Winners on the Day: Reece Bloomfield, Jake Klein, Jordan Poxon

Sportsman 125 Light

Heat 1: After a messy first couple of laps Michael Carless pulled a good lead, followed by Shane Kovacs, Tim Edwards, Shane Alabaster and Tom Martin. Alabaster passed Edwards for 3rd with 4 to go and Martin was threatening to grab 4th from him as well, which he did with 2 to go. Carless cruised to a comfortable win, Kovacs second and Alabaster just hanging on for 3rd from a fast finishing Martin.

Heat 2: Martin then Edwards at the front after a couple of laps, then Alabaster and Carless. After 3 laps Edwards to the front but Martin wasn’t letting him go – back into the lead at Tony Kart turn. All this brought Carless right up to them after he passed Alabaster for 3rd. Carless into 2nd on Lap 4, then passed Martin for the lead on the next lap. The front three spread out with Carless leading, then Martin, Edwards, then a gap back to Alabaster, then Kovacs and Robert Barnes. In the end that’s how they finished with Carless well clear in the lead.

Final: Carless off the front with Martin, and these two led them away, followed by Kovacs and Edwards. By halfway this was still the order, Alabaster in 5th then Winter and Barnes. Kovacs was catching Martin but Carless looked safe out front. Suddenly Kovacs was not catching Martin, but dropping back into the clutches of Edwards, who in turn had Alabaster hot on his crashbar. Eventually Carless sailed through to win, then Martin then Kovacs, Edwards and Alabaster rounding out the top 5

Winners on the Day: Micheal Carless, Thomas Martin, Shane Kovacs

Sportsman 125 Restricted P-Plate

Heat 1: In the sort of race a P Plate race can sometimes be, it was hard to keep track of who was where, but eventually Nicholas Clarke popped out at the front ahead of Alan Davison and Cameron Phillips then a big gap back to Chris O’Connor, Craig Westwood and Adam Gillick. With a number of dnf’s this was how they finished.

Heat 2: After a lap, pole sitter Russell Newnham in the lead, Craig Westwood 2nd, then Neil Ritchie 3rd and James Raditsis 4th. By halfway Ritchie was into 2nd and Raditsis closing on Westwood for 3rd but at the front it was all Newnham. Further back in 5th was Cameron Phillips then Nicholas Clarke 6th and Alan Davison 7th.  Clarke spun at Coffey Ford after an ambitious passing move, but kept going, meanwhile Raditsis was all over Westwood but couldn’t get past until the last corner when he slipped into 3rd, with Newnham taking the win ahead of Ritchie.

Final: Davison off pole and into the lead at the green, then Raditsis through to 2nd from 7th, with Ritchie 3rd. Lap 3 into the Dipper and Ritchie gets under Raditsis for 2nd, meanwhile O’Connor, and Baldacchino who started 10th, are now 4th and 5th. By halfway the front three are well spread out- Davison, Ritchie and Raditsis – then O’Connor and Baldacchino at least within sight of each other and starting to dice for position, and Andrew Thomas rounding out the top 6. In the end that’s how they finish – a 1.0 second win to Davison over Ritchie, then 5.1 seconds back to Raditsis in 3rd.

Winners on the Day: Alan Davison, Chris O’Connor, Neil Ritchie

Clubman Light

Heat 1: Pole sitter Tom Martin got off to a good start in a big field, leading the first few laps, followed by Joseph Cutri, Sarron Caddy and Ben Creed. Frequent front runners Jack Wynack and Phillip Munnerley were both unlucky to go out on the first lap in the Dipper. On the 3rd lap Caddy went through to the lead and Michael Phillips found himself in 4th. Caddy pulled a big lead while Phillips got through to second when Cutri went wide exiting Grid Corner with Martin now 3rd and Creed 4th. David Frizziero was doing well to be in 5th after starting 12th and Mark Appleby followed him in 6th. Caddy won by the proverbial length of the straight, with Phillips 2nd and Martin and Creed close together in 3rd and 4th.

Heat 2: Andrew Turnbull led away the big Clubman Light field for Heat 2 from Mark Appleby then Jack Wynack and Angelo D’Ettorre. Wynack through to the lead at Coffey Ford then Michael Nichols through to 2nd, D’Ettorre 3rd then Trevor Allen 4th, after Turnbull went off at Coffey Ford corner. Wynack went on to win, followed by Nichols, D’Ettorre and Appleby.

Final: Martin led the start from pole sitter Phillips then Appleby who got to the lead as Lap 2 began, further back D’Ettorre then Wynack as they set a cracking pace. Two laps in, there was still only 10 seconds separating 1st from 13th – Clubman Light at its best!! Appleby pulled a small gap, but the rest were as one. Finally Martin and Philips pulled clear in 2nd and 3rd, Wynack back in 4th, then D’Ettorre, Allen and Cutri. 3 to go saw Wynack sneak through to 3rd but all Appleby out front. With 2 to go Wynack was through to 2nd and had the fastest lap by 3/10ths. How costly was the first Heat dnf!! Laps would run out for Wynack with Appleby winning, 3rd Martin, then Philips, D’Ettorre and Allen.

Winners on the Day: Mark Appleby, Thomas Martin, Michael Phillips

Sportsman 125 Restricted

Heat 1: As the feature class, timed qualifying saw Neville Watt on pole then Barry Galgey, Stephen Bideleux, Allan Zammit, Alex Limon and Richard Matera made up your top 6. Watt won a race that can only be described as an appalling display of driving by many of the other competitors. He led from the green, but what went on behind him is the sort of hire kart driving that gives R125 a bad reputation. If it improves in the second heat I will provide some details of the race, but for Heat 1 I couldn’t be bothered.

Heat 2: A better start with Galgey to the front from Watt, then Limon, Bideleux and Matera. Watt slowly closed on Galgey, with the next four a little way behind them. With 3 to go Watt was right on Galgey, but Bideleux was right on them. In the Dipper on the last lap Bideleux got through to second on Watt, with Galgey the winner.

Final: Watt to the lead at the start, then Galgey, Matera and Alex Stumpf, followed by Freeman, Bideleux and Chris Cornelio. 6 to go and Matera got through to 2nd, then into the lead from Watt at Coffey as they commenced Lap 7. Watt stuck close behind him though, and Galgey back in 3rd. With 2 to go Galgey dnf’d coming out of Grid corner, then the front three bunched up with Bideleux tacking onto the back in 3rd, Matera went on to win, Watt 2nd, then Bideleux 3rd, in a display that was a vast  improvement on the first Heat.

Winners on the Day: Richard Matera, Neville Watt, Stephen Bideleux