April General Meeting – Please Attend

The April general meeting of the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club is being held this Tuesday April 10th 2012, at 7.30pm in the club rooms.

All members are invited to attend the general meeting. Many discussions, ideas and decisions are made at the general meetings. If you don’t attend, you are then unable to have your say in the direction that the club takes on various matters.

This month, some of the key items up for discussion are:

  • Track flag point lights
  • Appointment of a new time keeper
  • Appointment of a new race secretary
  • Discuss changing the club’s constitution relating to the running of general meetings
  • New club room progress

Club President Adam Bourke said, “I hope we have many attend so we can actually vote on some things to get the club moving forward. There seems to be a lack of interest all round on what is happening at the club.”