May Club Day 2012 Race Report

OGKRC’s Paul Griffiths has filed the following race report after this weekends 2012 May Club Day.

After the downpour Melbourne received on Friday and a mostly damp and overcast Saturday, it was encouraging to see a feeble sun making an effort to break through on Sunday morning. Carbie sessions were run on a damp but drying track as competitors geared up for Oakleigh’s May Club Day.

Perhaps the potential for more bad weather kept a few away, as only 87 entries were received, but you’ll never be any good in the wet if you don’t spend some time racing in it, so good on the karters that did turn up. In the end there was only a sprinkle at one stage during the afternoon and otherwise racing was run in gloomy but mostly dry conditions.

Clubman Light

Heat 1 a damp track, but those who opted for slicks made the right choice with Ash Arora pulling away to a good lead then Michael Nichols then the wet shod Dylan Jordan, then Mark Appleby, Trevor Allen and Angelo D’Ettorre, Appleby and Allen on slicks eventually getting through to 3rd and 4thbut the win went to Arora. Ben Creed led away Heat 2 and was soon under attack from Nicholas Bates, D’Ettorre and Nichols. Arora soon through to 4th after starting 11th while Bates went to the lead. Arora 3/10ths quicker than anyone and soon into 2nd while Nichols was through to 3rd. 4 to go and Arora had a second to make on Bates, then 8/10ths, then 3/10ths – then the gap had evaporated and with one to go the karts were locked together. Start of the last lap the FA Kart of Arora went under Bates, appropriately at the newly christened James Sera Kart Centre (nee Coffey Ford) corner and on to win, with Nichols in 3rd.

Heat 3 and Arora cleared out at the start to lead by 6/10ths after one lap from Nichols then Bates, Allen and Appleby. Allen and Appleby swapped spots, but Arora a commanding lead and went on to win comfortably from Nichols, Appleby who got past Bates, then Allen and D’Ettorre in 6th.

All Points result for the day: 1. Arora 2. Nichols 3. Bates

Sportsman Restricted 125

Biggest field of the day with 19 of them, led away in Heat 1 by Tim McAuliffe, Stephen Bideleux, Zachary Cerato and Wayne Morgan. Bideleux to the lead then Alex Limon through from 6th, Richard Matera from 8th and McAuliffe back to 4th at the start. While they ended up well spread out, it was the consistent Bideleux, then Limon and Matera 1, 2 & 3. Alex Stumpf had the lead after a messy first few laps of Heat 2, Nicholas Clarke 2nd then a very willing group comprising Alan Zammit, Bideleux, Limon, Ashley Thompson, Ben Freeman and Cerato. Stumpf was doing it comfortably out front, then Clarke, and Bideleux had pulled clear in 3rd by halfway. Bideleux through to 2nd with 2 to go and closing on Stumpf, but Stumpf held on, then Bideleux, then Clarke.

Bideleux, Limon, then Stumpf and Zammit after a few back markers were knocked out early in Heat 3 and that’s how they ended up with Freemen and Clarke behind them.

All Points result for the day: 1. Bideleux 2. Stumpf 3. Limon


Only three in it, so anyone who didn’t get on the podium here was in trouble. Heat 1 Jordan Dudfield to the lead, then Braydon Callaghan and P Plater Joshua Troiani. With 2 to go Callaghan, who had been well back in 2nd, closed right up on Dudfield but couldn’t get past, so Dudfield the win, Callaghan then Troiani well back in 3rd. Heat 2 it was Dudfield, Callaghan then Troiani at the start. Despite Callaghan looking like he might make a move for the lead on a number of occasions, it seemed like it was never going to happen. It didn’t, and Dudfield crossed the line first to win from Callaghan and Troiani.

Excitement at the start of Heat 3 as Callaghan went to the lead from Dudfield and Troiani. Dudfield closed in on Callaghan with 4 to go but even though he got as close as a couple of tenths he just couldn’t pull off the pass – so Callaghan the winner of Heat 3.

All Points result for the day: 1. Dudfield 2. Callaghan 3. Troiani (everyone’s a winner!)

Junior National Heavy

With all traces of dampness now gone, Matthew Lane led away Kyle Hunt, the Justin Carless and Jordan Poxon. By halfway Lane had a commanding lead and Poxon had worked through to 2nd but Hunt, Carless, Jake Paterson and Matthew Rhodes were not far behind him. Carless eventually 3rd, Poxon pulled well clear in 2nd , but out front it was all Lane at the flag. A great start to Heat 2 put Justin Carless to the lead with Poxon hot on his heels then a gap to Matthew Rhodes, Paterson, and Matthew Lane working his way through the field. The front two could afford to work together as they pulled a gap on the rest, Lane eventually getting through to 4th behind Rhodes, but Carless and Poxon had it to themselves out front. With 3 to go Poxon under Carless at MKC corner but Carless soon had him back – meanwhile Lane through to 3rd behind them and Rhodes not giving up in 4th. Poxon and Carless swapped spots every corner as the last lap began – eventually Poxon to the lead into the Carousel and held on for a well deserved victory from Carless, Lane 3rd then Rhodes.

Poxon to the lead from Justin Carless, then Lane, James Mastorakis and Jake Paterson as they began Heat 3. Lane soon closed on Carless and got past at James Sera Kart Centre corner with Paterson up over the back of Carless in the same move, but they settled back down and kept going. Mastorakis got under Paterson but otherwise nothing changed – Lane unable to make a dent on Poxon’s lead and Carless unable to catch Lane.

All Points result for the day: 1. Poxon 2. Lane 3. Carless

Clubman Heavy / Clubman Super Heavy

Heavy and Super Heavy together today, Lachlan Citrine to the lead in Heavy, then Tim Edwards and Chris Thomas, while back in Super Heavy Mal Hunt led Mark Hunt and Steve Polak. By halfway Citrine was under attack from Edwards, who then found Thomas attacking him and getting past into Tony Kart turn with 4 to go. Citrine, Thomas and Edwards close together with 3 to go – this was where the action would be. As they started the last lap Thomas and Edwards both went under Citrine at James Sera Kart Centre corner and Thomas held on for the win. Back in Super Heavy nothing changed: Mal Hunt, Mark Hunt and Polak. Heat 2 and Thomas Martin off to the lead with Peter Gooch into second. 2 laps later Gooch arrived at James Sera Kart Centre corner carrying just a fraction too much momentum and ended up sideways in the middle of the track, leaving Citrine and Thomas nowhere to go but off – and the Super Heavy’s behind them taking to the grass to get around the blockage. This left Martin well clear out front, then Timothy Edwards and David Westaway – and back in Supers Mal Hunt, Mark Hunt and Steve Polak. One to go and Martin rolled to a halt in front of the canteen with his head on the wheel in frustration , leaving Edwards to claim the win with Westaway close behind then Marcel Ghoukassian 3rd. Mark Hunt, Mal Hunt and Polak the order in Super Heavy.

Heat 3 saw Edwards to the lead followed by Thomas, Ghoukassian then Gooch, and in Super Heavy Mal Hunt, Mark Hunt and Polak. While Thomas gained on Edwards with 3 to go and they both pulled a gap on Ghoukassian, Edwards was a comfortable winner in the end. Mal Hunt, Mark Hunt and then Polak in Super Heavy.

All Points result for the day – Clubman Heavy: 1. Edwards 2. Ghoukassian 3. Westaway
All Points result for the day – Clubman Super Heavy: 1. Mal Hunt 2. Mark Hunt 3. Polak

Junior National Light

Lucas Filikotzias off pole, then Nicholas Steel, Nicholas Sims and Luke Guillou. Steel to the lead and in no time Guillou right on his crash bar, then Filikotzias and Sims. Guillou to the lead on lap 3 at Arrow Corner and he pulled a comfortable gap, eventually winning from Steel then Filikotzias. Heat 2, James Barnes off pole but Luke Guillou soon through to the lead, then Steel, Sims and Filikotzias and Barnes was back to 5th. For the rest of the race all they did was spread further apart and then other than Sims dropping to 4th and Filikotzias going up to 3rd and almost catching Steel for 2nd, they finished in the same order.

Guillou of pole, Steel then Sims with Sims under Steel at James Sear Kart Centre corner Lap 1 – Filikotzias close behind in 4th then a gap to Barnes and P Plater Thomas French with Jason Kay an unlucky DNF on Lap 2 after dropping a chain. It was close back in the field between Steel, Sims and Filikotzias with Steel through to 2nd after a few tight laps, but Guillou doing it easy out front. He went on to win from Steel and Filikotzias.

All Points result for the day: 1. Guillou 2. Steel 3. Filikotzias


Matthew Iredale off pole and a great start, Oscar Piastri through to 2nd after starting 5th and Mathew Steel from 9th to 3rd in the space of a couple of laps, followed by Blake Kolar. Back in 5th Maximmo Torcasio, then Jack Bell and P Plater Kain Kugimiya doing a good job to be 7th. Iredale well clear by halfway with Steel and Piastri putting on a great battle for 2nd with Kolar watching closely from 4th. Two to go and Piastri through to 2nd at James Sera Kart Centre Corner (love your support James, but gotta find a shorter name – JSKC corner?) and that’s how they finished: Iredale, Piastri then Steel. Heat 2 Steel then Torcasio, Kolar, Bell and Piastri with Iredale the one to watch, out of 9th and through to 6th by the end of Lap 1. Steel well out front with Kolar, Piastri and Torcasio battling for 2nd – but guess who – Matthew Iredale through the lot of them and set out after Steel by Lap 4. A red flag brought racing to a halt soon after when Blake Kolar went into the fence just before MKC corner. Blake walked away nursing a sore arm, but otherwise seemed to be OK. At the restart, Steel, Iredale, Piastri, Bell, then Torcasio the first 5, and Steel held his nerve as Iredale turned up the pressure and Bell was in there too as they diced their way through the first lap. Iredale and Steel hammer and tongs for a number of laps, then Piastri through to the lead as Steel and Iredale ran wide at the Carousel and Bell to 2nd. Steel back to 2nd with 2 to go, Iredale 3rd, but Piastri a good gap out front and he led them to the line – less than 1/10th then separating Steel, Iredale and Bell in 2, 3 & 4th

Heat 3 – Iredale to the lead with Steel, Bell and Piastri battling behind him, Piastri eventually through to 2nd, Steel then Bell, Torcasio and Kolar who had recovered from his Heat 2 excursion into the fence. Iredale led at halfway, but Piastri was gaining on him while Bell was a lonely 3rd. With 4 to go Piastri went under Iredale at JSKC corner while Kolar was doing well to be catching Bell for 3rd and Steel dropping back to 5th. Iredale back to the lead with 2 to go, then Piastri back under him at the grid hairpin on the last lap but Iredale switched back on him (WOW! can’t keep up with this!!), only to find Piastri went back under him at Arrow corner to win, then Kolar under Bell at the flag as well for 3rd. Great Rookie racing and all the front runners should be congratulated

All Points result for the day: 1. Piastri 2. Iredale 3. Steel

Junior Clubman

Only 4 in it and led away by Matt McLean then Justin Carless, Dylan Slits and Jordan Poxon. Poxon dropped a chain with 3 to go, so then there were three – McLean well out front and Carless and Slits putting on a great battle for 2nd and 3rd. Try as he might, Slits couldn’t get by Carless, crossing 2/10ths behind him, following McLean who was an easy winner. Heat 2 and Slits straight off at Arrow corner at the start, but out front McLean and Carless were locked together in a fierce battle with McLean eventually pulling clear and going on to a comfortable win, Carless 2nd and Poxon 3rd, Carless dropping a chain after the finish line – the best place to do it!

Just enough of a sprinkle of rain to make it interesting as they began Heat 3 in gloomy conditions in Junior Clubman. McLean, Carless, Poxon then Slits after a couple of slippery laps. Then the shower became just slightly heavier and all four karts on slicks started to waltz around on the greasy track. Slits passed Poxon when he ran wide and started to catch Carless, but McLean well clear at the front. As the shower stopped and the track maybe dried a fraction, Poxon suddenly came to life and reeled in first Slits then Carless, so at the flag: McLean, Poxon, Carless and Slits.

All Points result for the day: 1. McLean 2. Carless 3. Poxon

Sportsman 125 Heavy

A frantic first few laps led by Andrew Yuill, Richard Camilleri 2nd, Mark Hunt then Vern Kranz 4th when they settled. Camilleri to the lead with 6 to go, Yuill, then Mark Hunt close behind him and a gap back to Kranz and Rhys Hunt. With 4 to go a blanket could have covered the first three, but then Hunt through to 2nd at grid corner and Yuill up and over the back of him as he tried to switch back coming out of the corner – suddenly a parachute wouldn’t cover them as Camilleri went well clear in the lead, a gap to Mark Hunt and Yuill hanging onto 3rd from Kranz. By the last lap they had bunched back up and Hunt went under Camilleri at Grid Corner, then Yuill followed him through as the front two tangled. At MKC corner Camilleri back under Yuill who was forced wide and went off the track, allowing Kranz and Mark Hunt through for 2nd and 3rd. Heat 2 and Mark Hunt off pole, Camilleri then Rhys Hunt and Kranz, Yuill then Greg Smart. Camilleri to the lead from Mark Hunt and Kranz 3rd after 2 laps, Yuill through to 4th at the grid hairpin. Yuill eventually got through on Kranz for 3rd, but out front Camilleri kept Mark Hunt behind him to win.

Gloomy, greasy, but no rain as Heat 3 began and Camilleri to the front then Mark Hunt, Rhys Hunt, Yuill, Smart and Kranz. Into the Dipper on Lap 2 and Mark Hunt into the side of Rhys Hunt whose race ended there, with Yuill going through to 2nd. Camilleri untouchable out front though, and he went on to record a victory from Yuill, Mark Hunt, Kranz and Smart.

All Points result for the day: 1. Camilleri 2. Mark Hunt 3. Kranz

Sportsman 125 Light

Timothy Edwards to the lead ahead of Michael Carless, Corey Paterson, Shane Alabaster and Robert Barnes in the Feature Class. Carless went under Edwards into JSKC Corner and as they came out side by side they touched, and Carless put on a show worthy of a Wet ‘N’ Wild ride as he spun through the water filled dip between the two straights – all over for him for Heat 1. This handed Paterson the lead, then Alabaster and Barnes – Edwards dropped right back to 4th after the contact, and that’s how they finished. Edwards’ day didn’t get any better when he was DQ’d for no transponder. Heat 2 saw Carless again to the front with Edwards 2nd and Alabaster 3rd. Very little changed from then on, Carless victorious over Edwards and Alabaster.

Alabaster off pole for the 3rd heat, then Barnes, Carless, Paterson and Edwards. Edwards last to first in 2 corners, then Carless, Alabaster, Paterson and Barnes as the whole field almost swapped ends in a lap. Edwards disappeared out front, then Carless, then a gap back to Alabaster and Paterson who threatened to put on a show fighting for 3rd, then Barnes behind them. All interest centred on whether Paterson could pass Alabaster, which he did by halfway and then pulled the smallest of gaps to hang on for bronze while Edwards took the gold and Carless the silver.

Final only result for Feature Class: 1. Edwards 2. Carless 3. Paterson