New AKA Management Model Announcement

To all Karters,

Over the last decade a dedicated group of AKA members have been working hard with the National Karting Council, Kart Clubs and karters to develop a new management model for the Australian Karting Association where our sport will be governed at the top level by a Board of Directors.

The Board will consist of five members covering the disciplines of Finance, Administration, Technical, Competition and Marketing & Promotion. From within these five members a Chairman will be elected.

Each of the elected Board Members will have demonstrated skills not only in their area of expertise but also extensive management experience at the senior level. With this excellent skill set the Board will be focusing on the future of our sport, developing and implementing long term strategies for continual growth and ensuring these results are achieved.

The AKA will be appointing a Human Resources firm who specialise in the area of Board Members to undertake the process of seeking applications for the five inaugural Board member positions, reviewing all applications, undertaking the interview process and then making final recommendations to the NKC for their endorsement.

Each of the Board Members will chair a sub – committee covering their elected area of expertise, being Finance, Administration, Technical, Competition and Marketing. All of the Committees members will be nominated by all karters through your Club and your State Karting Council with final appointment by the Board of Directors.

What this means is that each State or Territory can have representation on every committee ensuring that all of your concerns to improve and streamline our sport will be discussed and then that Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for their review and endorsement.

Linked below is an ‘Operational Chart’ which demonstrates in a great picture form how the new structure for the Australian Karting Association will operate. You will see that there is no change at the Club and State level, you will retain all of your Club Committee’s and State Karting Councils, the major change is with the new Committees and the Board of Directors.

Also you can see the flow of information to every karter, from the Board to each of the State Karting Councils and the AKA Website which is updated on a continual basis.

To achieve the new structure there a several major changes required to meet legal and statutory requirements.

Firstly, a new Company known as the ‘Australian Karting Association Ltd’ will be registered with ASIC, which is the Australian Securities Commission, as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Secondly, the new Australian Karting Association Ltd must adopt a Constitution, which is the terms of reference as to how the new company will operate.

Thirdly , the new organization of the Australian Karting Association Ltd will for up to twelve months run in parallel with the Australian Karting Association Inc. (the present organizational structure) when at an agreed date the AKA Inc. will be dissolved and wound up and the only governing body will be the new structure of the AKA Ltd.

Also linked below is a full copy of the Constitution for the Australian Karting Association Ltd which has been reviewed by the National Karting Council.

The Constitution of the Australian Karting Association Inc. (the present structure) requires that a ‘Special General Meeting’ be called to vote on any changes to the that Constitution where all of the Members (a representative from each State and Territory) will vote on the proposed changes.

A ‘Special General Meeting’ has been called and will be held at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Adelaide on the 18th August 2012 commencing at 9.00am

At this meeting three motions will be presented by the AKA President, Mr Craig Denton, for discussion and then a vote will take place.

The three motions that will be presented to this meeting are also linked below.

I trust I have explained fully the proposed changes to our sport and the benefits that will be achieved for every Club and yourself as a karter.

The proposed changes will bring new expertise and skills to the management and administration of karting in Australia such that we will see growth in our sport not only locally but also in the international arena.

If you have any questions or require further information or clarification on any issue please do not hesitate to contact myself or any member of the Governance Committee, our contact details are as follows:-
Dave Kissock M:- 0411446641
Peter O’Neill M:- 0408221218
Steve King M:- 0413484750
John McLeverty M:- 0418716281

Best Regards
Dave Kissock
National Vice President
Australian Karting Association