August 2012 Newsletter & Presidents Report

The update is the power cable has been run, the cool room and entry room are in, and the inside has been painted. So we are moving on. To those that have jumped in and helped what a brilliant effort.

We have had a few club days since our last newsletter, numbers seem to be stagnant around the 90 mark. To those that got the June club day up and running what a fantastic effort, pumping water out and getting the track ready to run. There was some confusion with the running of the meeting but it was run and went well in the finish. July club day was a wet and cold affair, but the racing was great. We need more Junior Clubman and Cadets, and as for the over 40 crowd well what can you say.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM is on September the 11th. For those that are new to the club this is where the committee positions become vacant and a new committee is elected. A committee member needs to be a current member of the club, they may stand for any position on the committee.

On the current committee there a couple of positions that will definitely be vacant for the next year, one being the secretary, so if you think you are suited for this position (Male or Female) then put your hand up. In the next few weeks you will receive in the snail mail a form to fill out if you wish to run for a position.

On the night there will be hot food and drinks available while the voting takes place, so come along and get to know those that will be looking after the club for 2012/2013.

Positions on the club are President, Vice President x 2, Treasurer, Secretary, and 7 general committee positions.

Next year will be a great time to be on the committee as we will be doing works on the track and the new club room and preparing for the 2014 Victorian Open that will be held at OGKRC.

Over the last few months we have had quite a few members race at away tracks with many of us going as far as Darwin, I myself travelled to Coffs Harbour, and for those over 40 people it is a great week away, from there I came home then went to Cairns for a well-earned Holiday the off to Darwin for 2 weeks of racing.

All results for the meetings are on the Website or the CMS system.

As for the Darwin event this was our National Title, and there were many OGKRC members racing and all did well. Congratulations go to Thomas Randle and James Sera on winning the Green plate. This gives these drivers the coveted number 1 in their respective classes.

When you think that there were only 9 classes and OGKRC drivers walked away with 2 titles that is pretty good.

I know I go on about this but at the end of the day we have people doing jobs that would like to race at club day as well.

We would love some mums, dads, grandparents, brothers or sisters that do not race to help with timing, starting, finishing and general help while the race is on. You do not need formal training or need to have raced for these positions. You get to sit in the warmth in winter or the cool in summer and the view is the best around. Later on you can get more involved, if you wish, with the Steward side, for this you do need to attend a school for a day. You do not need to go to other tracks, as our stewards only do club days. The view from the track itself is great and you get lunch.

The Canteen also needs some help. What Sam would like to do is get a roster going so people need only help for a couple of hours on a race day. You are still able to see your partner or children race and if your help is long enough a free club day entry could be on the cards.

So see Sam or send her an e-mail to put your name down to help.

We do not seem to be able to have the helpers we did of yester year in the canteen, my thanks goes out to those that have helped though.
Some info on the canteen:

  • It is run by the Club
  • Profits go back to the club
  • The people in the canteen do not receive payment
  • The Members own the club

So all the money that is made in the Canteen goes to improving the club.

Many may ask what about entry money, here is a basic cost of a club day (Not including canteen)
$4.50 per entry to VKA
$700 first aid, time keeper
$40 per class trophies
The money left over will go to running and upkeep of track, grounds, machinery, computers, power, water, loan repayments, leasing of the land, bins, sewage and normal day to day costs. Remember this money only comes in 12 times a year.