Results OGKRC Class Titles 2012

Results of the 2012 OGKRC Class Titles.

  • Cadets – Jai Sparey, Braydon Callaghan, Kai Upiter
  • Rookies – Oscar Piastri, Matthew Steel, Jack Bell
  • Clubman Light – Wayne Bourke, Michael Nichols, Mark Appleby
  • Clubman Heavy – Wayne Bourke, Lachlan Citrine, Marcel Ghoukassian
  • Clubman Super Heavy – Rodney Capuano, Mark Hunt, Malcolm Hunt
  • Junior National Light – Damon Strongman, Luke Guillou, Lucas Filikotzias
  • Junior National Heavy – Jordan Poxon, Todd Sparey, Justin Carless
  • Junior Clubman – Damon Strongman, Matthew McLean, Jordan Holowell
  • Sportsman 125 Restricted C – Kevin Coombes, Stephen Bideleux, Ashan Perera
  • Sportsman 125 Restricted P – James Humphrey, Andrew Latimer, Jason Sheals
  • Sportsman 125 Light – Michael Carless, Timothy Edwards, Shane Kovacs
  • Sportsman 125 Heavy – Philip Smith, Mark Hunt, Verz Kranz
  • Fun race (fastest laptime) – Sam Sera, Edward Bourke, Mr Boof, Jim Mastorakos, Track Superintendent Gary Scales, Josh Butcher, Sophie Lane

Our normal race starter and author of “The Griffiths Report” had other commitments during this race event, so no race report is available. However, Gerard Bolton Photography attended this event and has supplied the following photos. You can view his other photos from this event by clicking here.

In the fun race, Track Superintendent Gay Scales was shown the black flag, meatball flag and bad sportsmanship flag, yet did not return to the pits. He has allegedly been given a twelve month suspension, so cannot use a kart until next years fun race. 😉