Results 2012 SA Open Championships

Results of the 2012 SA Open Championships held at Glenburnie Raceway, SA.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

Drivers shown in bold, are OGKRC members.

  • Junior Max – Nicholas Andrews, Liam McLellan, Jordan Boys
  • Leopard Heavy – Paul Pittam, Michael Griffiths, Kris Walton
  • Clubman Over 40 – Remo Luciani, Phil Smith, Glenn Henley
  • Cadets – Jordyn Sinni, Harrison Hoey, Benito Montalbano
  • Junior National Heavy – Jordan Boys, Nicholas Rowe, William Hawkes
  • Clubman Super Heavy – Paul Pittam, Joshua Herne, Danny Errigo
  • Leopard Light – Leigh Nicolaou, James Sera, George Geranis
  • Rotax Light – Thomas Randle, Luke Bergens, Matthew McLellan
  • Junior National Light – Liam McLellan, Bryce Fullwood, William Hawkes
  • Clubman Heavy – Leigh Nicolaou, Brendan Nelson, Paul Pittam
  • Rookies – Cooper Murray, Dylan Hollis, Thomas Bennett
  • Clubman Light – Jack Wynack, Thomas Randle, James Sera