Sportsman 125 Restricted 2013

At this months general meeting, a decision was made to split the
Sportsman 125 Restricted class for club days in 2013, into light and
heavy divisions, each with their own respective yearly championships.

As the Sportsman 125 Restricted class continues to grow in numbers
nearing our grid capacity, and with more competitors expected in 2013,
now is the right time to make this change.

Changing the structure of classes during a championship season are never
popular, so come February club day 2013, separate light and heavy
divisions will be offered for the full race season.

This change will also allow competitors to race closer to their weight,
instead of the class weight being too heavy for light drivers, and too
light for heavy drivers.

Hope to see you all on the grid in February, which will be a day / night
race meeting.