May 2013 Club Day Races Pre Enter Now

The May Club Day is being held at OGKRC for all club members on Sunday 26/5/2013.

Feature class will be Sportsman 125 Restricted Heavy.

For anyone competing in this event, please don’t forget to pre-enter online by Wednesday evening 22/5/2013. Only those who pre-enter online are eligible to be in the tyre draw which is held at the completion of racing.

The entry fee for competitors entering online is $45. No additional fee will be charged if paying by credit card. The entry fee for competitors who don’t pre-enter online will be $50.

94 pre-entries to date (24/5/2013 8am)

  • Cadets (Pre-entries: 5)
  • Rookies (Pre-entries: 5)
  • Junior National Light (Pre-entries: 7)
  • Junior National Heavy (Pre-entries: 14)
  • Junior Clubman (Pre-entries: 5)
  • Clubman Light (Pre-entries: 13)
  • Clubman Heavy (Pre-entries: 2)
  • Clubman Super Heavy (Pre-entries: 3)
  • Tag 125 Light (Pre-entries: 7)
  • Tag 125 Heavy (Pre-entries: 6)
  • Sportsman Restricted Light (Pre-entries: 13)
  • Sportsman Restricted Heavy (Pre-entries: 14)