The Griffiths Report July Club Day 2013

A good roll up of 110 karters ventured out for Oakleigh’s July Club day – and were met by a windy, chilly but thankfully dry day as we got things underway. Again photos of the action this month are available from and our thanks to Andrew for coming down and getting some shots of you all. He is also running a Facebook special this month: Andrew will pick 1 junior and 1 senior class driver that has liked the Facebook page for his website, and they will get 1 full, un-watermarked image of their choice from the race meeting of them. More details to follow on the Facebook page in the coming days. The link to the Facebook site is,

A special mention this month should also be made of the Sims family who head off to a new life in the USA following this Club Day – our best wishes and thanks for their help over the last 5 years go to Sean, Tara and Nicholas.

Junior National Light

Junior National LightHeat 1 saw Matthew Iredale off pole but at the green Cody Donald gets the jump and goes to the lead. After 3 laps Iredale has the situation back in hand and is at the front followed by Donald and Nicholas Sims then Jack Bell. By halfway the lead that Iredale had established was being eroded rapidly by Sims who had pulled clear of Donald and Bell. With 2 to go Iredale looked safe from Sims, whose march forward had halted, then it was Bell and Donald well back in 4th, and that’s the way they crossed the line.

Sims off pole in Heat 2 and a charmed life at the start as the rest of the field got tangled up behind him, but eventually Donald to 2nd, Iredale to 3rd and Bell 4th. Iredale through to 2nd at Arrow corner on Lap 3 and set his sights on Sims. While the front 4 were not far apart, the order remained unchanged for many laps – Iredale just closing slightly on Sims, a gap to Donald, and Bell a few kart lengths behind him. Then with 3 to go Iredale was on Sims and looking to go to the lead – JSKC corner a lap later was where he did – but Sims not letting go, he kept on Iredale looking for a chance to go back. Meanwhile Bell had overtaken Donald to go to 3rd. Sims back to the lead at JSKC as they began the last lap, then Iredale under him into the Dipper to regain number 1 spot – and hold it to the flag by less than a tenth. A tight finish and should be a good Heat 3 battle between these 2.

Iredale and Sims off the front and Sims away well and to the lead, then Iredale, Donald and Bell with Bell through to 3rd at Tony Kart turn on lap 2. Out front Sims looked like he might pull away but then Iredale started closing, meanwhile Bell and Donald seemed fixed in place further back. By halfway Iredale had found some pace and had Sims in his sights, less than half a second separated them and 2 laps later Iredale was pressing on Sims’ numberplate – finally going under him into the Carousel with 2 to go, while Bell was clear in 3rd. Despite some frantic attempts to regain the lead in the last lap, Sims could not get past and Iredale held on by 0.076sec to win.

All Points: 1. Iredale 2. Sims 3. Bell

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

Sportsman Restricted HeavyJohn Casamento and Paul Maruszak 1 and 2 in Heat 1 but after half a lap it was Maruszak and P3 man Richard Matera out front, Casamento an unfortunate dnf when he went off at Tony Kart turn on lap 1. Matera through to the lead a lap later and Jason Sheales closing in on Maruszak in 3rd. These 3 looked as though they would produce the winner by halfway – less than a second between them. Sure enough Matera went away to record the win from Maruszak, Sheales and Michael Maruszak closing in 4th

Steven Barlee and Thomas Huggan off the front in Heat 2, and Barlee to the lead, then Huggan, Sheales and Matera behind them. Sheales looked like being the big mover, into 2nd at the Dipper on lap 2 and out after Barlee – Matera closing on Huggan too, and past him and into 3rd a lap later. Sheales had a couple of tenths on Barlee and was visibly closer by lap 5, Matera further back looking perhaps unlikely to catch the leaders. Into the Dipper with 3 to go, Sheales goes to the lead from Barlee, Matera still back in 3rd, then Michael Maruszak, Luke Grech-Cumbo, Paul Maruszak, Robert Gordon and Huggan the top 8. In the end Sheales the win from Barlee, Matera further back in 3rd.

Sheales and Matera off the front for Heat 3 and a quick start caught some drivers by surprise – Matera to the lead with Michael Maruszak, then Sheales and Huggan behind these 2. Sheales closed in on Maruszak but Matera pulled slowly clear in the lead – the rest of the field well behind these 3 being led by P Plater Grech-Cumbo who looked like he might have driven a kart before. 3 to go and Sheales was closer than ever to Maruszak and rounded him up going into the Carousel with a lap and a half to go. Matera all alone out front looked like a winner, Sheales 2nd, then Maruszak, Steven Barlee and Grech-Cumbo

All Points: 1. Matera 2. Sheales 3. Michael Maruszak

Junior Clubman

Junior ClubmanA small field of Junior Clubman racers with Jordan Holowell, Dylan O’Keefe, Kyle Hunt and Justin Carless the lot of them this month. O’Keefe away best with Holowell behind him. By halfway we had 2 races – Holowell and O’Keefe, then a big gap back to Hunt and Carless, and Holowell went to the lead into the Dipper as they began Lap 5. That’s where he stayed for the rest of the race, leading O’Keefe across the line by 2/10ths, then Carless and Hunt well back in 3 and 4.

The quartet of Junior Clubmans led away by Carless this time; O’Keefe, Hunt and Holowell the rest of them. All 4 karts swapped and changed positions in a frantic start, but O’Keefe settled best and went to the lead from Holowell, then a gap to Hunt and Carless. The word “procession” came to mind thereafter, as for 8 laps there was no change in the order, the only excitement was back in the field when Carless got past Hunt for 3rd with 1 to go, but O’Keefe a comfortable win.

O’Keefe and Holowell, then Hunt and Carless swapped places a few times until they got down to it for Heat 3 of Junior Clubman. On lap 3 Hunt seemed to have a moment while tuning things and Carless got under him to go to 3rd, but O’Keefe was all on his own out front ahead of Holowell – and so they proceeded to the flag. More entries might equal more interesting racing in coming months – here’s hoping.

All Points: 1. O’Keefe 2. Holowell 3. Carless

TAG 125 Light & TAG 125 Heavy

TaG 125 LightIn Light it is Ben Freeman off pole then Alan Zammit, then former National Champion in Juniors James Allen joining us for a Club Day, then Alex Limon, but the other one to watch well back in the pack was the familiar #94 of one James Sera, having a run at a Club Day as practice in TAG I was told. Not sure how much practice James needs, but good to see him out there. Combined with Light was a small field of Heavy this month, Adam Gillick the 1st of them, then Vern Kranz, Greg Smart, Rhys Hunt and Chris Dudfield. Zammit the lead in Light followed by Allen, Timothy Edwards and Sera, who then went into 3rd after a lap from 9th, and Kranz the best get away in Heavy then Rhys Hunt. By halfway Allen was leading Light from Sera, these 2 well clear of the rest. In Heavy Kranz was holding off Hunt, but not by much. Allen and Sera crossed the line 1 & 2 in Light, more than 7 seconds ahead of Shane Kovacs in 3rd, and in Heavy it was Kranz then Hunt.

TaG 125 heavyRobert Barnes and Sera the front row in Light, Chris Dudfield and Rhys Hunt in Heavy and away went Sera with Shane Alabaster following him through and Allen streaking through to 3rd from 8th after a lap – same as Sera in Heat 1. Heavy was Hunt then Kranz, Dudfield and Smart. Alabaster battled gamely in 2nd holding off Allen for a number of laps until he squeezed by at Grid Hairpin on Lap 5. The practice was doing Sera good out front though – he was miles ahead and looked like staying there as he and Allen lapped within a tenth of each other, but 3 seconds apart. Hunt, Kranz and Smart the leading Heavys, with Kranz right on the back of Hunt as the laps wound down. In the end Sera, Allen and Alabaster in Light and Kranz followed Hunt across the line in Heavy.

Sera and Allen the front 2 Lights, Hunt and Kranz the leaders in Heavy and Sera away with Allen at the green, the relaxed style of Sera looking comfortable out front – Hunt leading Kranz in Heavy with Smart and Gillick behind these 2. By lap 5 Kranz moved under Hunt into the Dipper adding some interest to the Heavy tussle, but in Light it was Sera from Allen comfortably, with Kovacs and Alabaster well back in 3 and 4 and that’s the way it would have ended, but in a sort of team orders moment, Sera seemed to let Allen past for the win in Light.

All Points Light: – 1. Allen 2. Sera 3. Kovacs
All Points Heavy: – 1. Kranz 2. Hunt 3. Smart

Clubman Light

Clubman LightFred Khan off pole, beside him Nicholas Bates and Bates got the jump as Khan faltered at the green, Ash Arora and Matt McLean close behind and a lap later Arora in the lead with McLean on his crash bar. By Lap 5 the front 2 had a comfortable gap and the interest was in the group behind them: Bates, Matthew Lane, John Reynolds and Tim Holowell; Lane through to 3rd in the Dipper with 3 to go. Out front it was still Arora but McLean was never far away, only 2 or 3 tenths in it at any time. At Grid Hairpin on the last lap McLean had half a look, but Arora kept cool under pressure and held on to win, Lane then Bates, Holowell then Reynolds.

Arora and Holowell led away Heat 2 of Clubman Light and McLean through to 2nd behind Arora as they darted and dived their way to JSKC corner at the green. McLean had the head down and worked hard to close the gap to Arora, behind him Holowell, Lane Reynolds and Bates. On lap 4 McLean squeezed under Arora at JSKC and set about trying to pull away, but Arora wasn’t going to let that happen if he could help it and kept on him for the next few laps. Ever so slowly McLean pulled a gap and only at the last corner did Arora have half a look, much like the first heat with roles reversed – McLean holding on for the win by a whisker.

McLean and Arora promised a great race, Lane and Holowell behind them, and McLean away to the lead at the start – Arora, Lane, Holowell, Reynolds and Bates all lined up behind him. By 3 laps into it the front 3 had spread out a bit – McLean, Arora and Holowell, but the next 3, Lane, Reynolds and Bates, were nose to tail. Then Arora started to come on and McLean’s lead was looking under threat, the gap under half a second with 4 to go. Then it was 3/10ths with 3 to go – now he was visibly closing. Start of the penultimate lap and Arora under McLean at JSKC and into the lead – what could McLean do? Not much as it turned out; Arora pulled a small gap, but before long McLean was back on him and made Arora go real narrow on the last lap, reducing the margin to only 0.05 in the end, Holowell 3rd and Lane behind him. A great drive by Arora to win and McLean to push him every inch of the last lap or two.

All Points: 1. Arora 2. McLean 3. Holowell


CadetsJoshua Hocking and Michael Horner off the front row for Cadets and Hocking to the lead, then Braydon Callaghan sneaking through from 3rd then Kai Upiter and Joshua Troiani. On lap 3 Callaghan went to go under Hocking into the Dipper and to the lead, but an awkward pass resulted in contact with Hocking which let Upiter through into 2nd. They motored away in this order for the rest of the race: Callaghan, Upiter, Hocking and Troiani. Apart from some lively moments as karts were lapped, it was a procession to the flag.

Callaghan, Upiter, Hocking and Troiani the order after a lap of Heat 2 in Cadets and Callaghan worked away on making a gap for himself which he did – Upiter and Hocking much closer together in 2 and 3, the another big gap back to Troiani in 4th . Eventually Hocking got around Upiter for 2nd but Callaghan all alone out front at the flag.

Callaghan and Hocking the front pair and got a clean getaway, but a much more exciting time for P Platers Max Bell and Jack Thomas who came together at the green and bounced around all over the place – Thomas retiring soon after with a damaged kart. Hocking the leader with Callaghan close behind, then a gap back to Upiter in 3rd. With 4 to go Callaghan looked like a man looking for the lead – he had Hocking under the pump, but Hocking kept his cool. Callaghan had a look going into the Dipper with 2 to go, but all this did was bring Upiter onto the group and he snuck into 2nd – Hocking still the leader. Looked like a hectic last couple of laps coming up as Callaghan got back to 2nd and tried to find a way past Hocking, but Hocking held on and an attempt by Callaghan into Grid Hairpin saw him actually drop back a place to give 2nd to Upiter. President Adam Bourke later described the last few laps of this heat as some of the best racing he had seen – well done to the boys at the front.

All Points 1. Callaghan 2. Hocking 3. Upiter

Sportsman Restricted Light

Sportsman Restricted LightA big field in R125 Light – all 21 of them, led by Nicholas Clarke, then Cameron Birt, James Barnes and Zackery Cerato. With so many karts a chaotic first lap was likely, but on the whole it was clean and OK – all making it around. Best of all was Clarke who held on to his pole position, then Barnes and Nathan Grover. Then on Lap 4 James Hakim executed a spectacular rollover coming out of the Dipper which saw the red flag brought out and racing came to a halt. Hakim walked away after a once over from the trusty Doc, and racers lined up for a single file restart. Grover got the best of the restart, Mark Barlee, Clarke and Cerato behind him. Sean Barnardo was the big mover by halfway, closing in on Grover for the lead, but getting past him might be another matter – Grover just keeping Barnardo at bay over the last few laps until Barnardo surprised him with a look up the inside at Grid Hairpin but Grover good enough to slip back by at MKC corner and hold on for the win, Barlee and Cerato behind these 2.

Barnardo got the jump on Sameera Vithanage at the start and led them away – Grover, Mark Barlee Joshua Goh and Travis Bird behind them. After 2 laps Barnardo had established a gap of more than 3 seconds, so looked like he might be hard to catch. Grover and Barlee were going to give it a shot though, and set after him from 2nd and 3rd. Behind them still Goh and Bird, Cerato joining this pair in 6th. 4 to go and Barnardo now nearly 4 seconds clear, Grover 2nd, then a growing gap back to Barlee in 3rd. Eventually Barnardo comfortably, then Grover and Barlee.

Barnardo the lead from Grover then Barlee and Goh as they began Heat 3 of R125 Light, but the front 2 pulled clear as things settled down. The big battles looked like they would happen back in the pack – Barlee and Cerato for 3 & 4, Goh and Bird behind them and Nicholas Clarke and James Barnes further back. Barnardo and Grover still out front with 3 to go and Barnardo looked like he would be OK unless something extraordinary happened. Despite Grover closing on the last lap, things remained ordinary for Barnardo and he took a slender win, Barlee and Cerato behind these 2.

All Points: 1. Barnardo 2. Grover 3. Barlee

Junior National Heavy

Junior National HeavyJamie Westaway and Eden Foik off the front for Heat 1 and Foik away at the start, Lucas Filikotzias through to 2nd after a lap, then Justin Carless and Westaway back in 4th. Dylan O’Keefe the other big mover, into 3rd on Lap 3. When Foik sailed off the end of the straight at JSKC, Filikotzias inherited the lead and he and O’Keefe pulled away with O’Keefe going through to the lead at MKC corner. Cody Donald and Todd Sparey were the other big movers in this field, coming through to 3rd and 4th from right at the back, so a good job by these 2 as well. Meanwhile O’Keefe motored away at the front and recorded a comfortable win.

Hirotaka Chong and Oscar Wilks off the front row in Heat 2, but O’Keefe to the lead then Donald and Carless, Nicholas Floodstrom and Sparey as they settled down. O’Keefe was soon enjoying a lead of over 2 seconds from Donald as the field spread out behind them. With 5 to go Sparey had closed on Donald for 2nd and got under him going onto the Dipper a lap later, but O’Keefe was going to be tough to catch and he held on for the win.

O’Keefe the pole man and away at the green from Donald then Sparey and they settled in for the journey. After 3 laps Sparey was right on O’Keefe and by halfway he got under him and O’Keefe started to fall back into the clutches of Filikotzias while Sparey looked like he might pull away. Then O’Keefe seemed to come to life and pulled clear of Filikotzias but Sparey was gone out front and went on to record and easy win.

All Points: 1. O’Keefe 2. Sparey 3. Filikotzias


RookiesDevan Nicholls and Jai Sparey the front row in Rookies, Blake Kolar and Jordan Dudfield behind them but Kolar unlucky to come to a halt in the roll arounds and not take the start. Dudfield then got a brilliant start and out to a good lead after 1 lap, Patrick Forrester and Sparey 2 and 3, but well back on Dudfield who was cruising. Sparey through to 2nd on Lap 5 but Dudfield now over 3 seconds clear in the lead. In the end a procession as they made their way to the flag in this order.

Forrester this time with Benjamin D’Alia beside him, and Forrester to the lead then Sparey, D’Alia and Dudfield after they completed a lap. Sparey closed in on Forrester and by lap 4 was within striking distance – and strike he did at MKC corner a lap later. Behind these 2 D’Alia had his hands full keeping Kolar at bay, meanwhile Dudfield’s heat 1 pace had deserted him, Nicholls passing him to put Dudfield back in 6th. With 3 to go the close tussle was between D’Alia and Kolar for 3 and 4, Sparey having established a small gap out front. His small gap grew a little, and by the end Sparey was victorious by over a second, Forrester, D’Alia and Kolar behind him.

Sparey then Forrester, Dudfield then D’Alia and a smooth getaway by all involved – the front 3 then went well clear led by Sparey, a small gap to Forrester and Dudfield right on him, then under him into the Dipper on lap 2, but Sparey was going, going, gone out front. He kept going all the way to the flag, Dudfield then Forrester, Nicholas then D’Alia behind him

All Points: 1. Sparey 2. Forrester 3. Dudfield

Clubman Heavy / Clubman Super Heavy

Clubman HeavyDylan Slits and Anthony Westaway the front row in Heavy, Mick Fisher and Mal Hunt the only 2 Super Heavys this month, so a lonely drive for them off the back of Heavy. A quick getaway for Slits, but karts bobbled around behind him and Westaway unlucky to get caught up and lose a nosecone. After they settled it was Slits well ahead of Chris Thomas, Thomas Martin and James Mastorakis. In Super Heavy; Hunt ahead of Fisher. Martin, Thomas and Mastorakis looked like putting on a show for 2, 3 & 4 and Mastorakis through to 3rd at JSKC with 5 to go. Then he went through on Thomas 2 laps later for 2nd, but Thomas straight back under him at Tony Kart turn. Slits meanwhile was streaking away in the lead, nearly 4 seconds clear out front. Mastorakis and Thomas swapped spots twice on the 2nd last lap with Thomas eventually getting a gap, Mastorakis settling for 3rd ahead of Martin, but Slits all clear out front. In Super Heavy Hunt beat Fisher home by a whisker.

Clubman Super HeavyThomas and Mastorakis in Heavy, and in Super Heavy the starting order reversed this time: Hunt then Fisher as they got the green – Thomas away along with Jason Sidwell, then Martin and Mastorakis but by lap 2 Slits had fought his way through to 2nd and set out after Thomas. In Super Heavy Hunt again was ahead of Fisher. The maths wasn’t looking good for Slits – he had a tenth on Thomas, but Thomas was 1.5 seconds ahead of him – and they only had 5 laps to go. With 2 to go the gap was under a second, but Thomas still looked as though he would hang on, and hang on he did – crossing the line half a second clear of Slits, and Fisher got past Hunt in Super Heavy.

Thomas then Slits, and Fisher then Hunt, in Heavy and Super Heavy respectively. Thomas went ahead of Sidwell as Mastorakis and Slits found the trap together at JSKC on lap 1. This left Thomas a lonely leader well ahead of Sidwell, then another big gap back to Anthony Westaway, meanwhile Hunt had the lead from Fisher in Super Heavy. By halfway Thomas was cruising out front ahead of Sidwell, while in Super Heavy Fisher had made it past Hunt who had done some gardening, I believe after a touch from a slower Heavy competitor. In the end Thomas in a canter from Sidwell, and Fisher the victor in Super Heavy.

All Points – Heavy 1. Thomas 2 .Martin 3. Sidwell
All Points – Super Heavy 1. Fisher 2. Hunt