Killester College At OGKRC 2013

killester1On a cold and wet Tuesday morning, the Year 10 Energy Breakthrough
girls, along with Mrs. Buszko and Barry Bolton made our way down to
the Oakleigh Go Kart racing track to prepare for the 24-hour race we are
attempting in Maryborough. Whilst each of the eight riders rode around
the track while their pit crew cheered them on. The remainder of the
girls who didn’t ride completed tasks in order for the HPV/EB camp to
go ahead successfully. These tasks included writing sponsorship letters,
which hopefully allow us to raise the sufficient funds to acquire the
necessary equipment for the competition and for the appropriate attire
to be made and organized.

killester2We would like to thank Barry for giving up his time to drive us around,
Mrs Buszko for giving us this opportunity to train at the Oakleigh Track and for Oakleigh Go Karts for allowing us to use their track to train on.