The Griffiths Report February Club Day 2014

Karters assembled for Oakleigh’s February Club Day – a Saturday Day / Night meeting – that began under cloudy skies on an afternoon that threatened a chance of rain; quite a change from the heatwave we had for Junior Top Guns. Some of the 131 entries were getting ready for the upcoming Victorian Open, others ready to launch their assault on Oakleigh’s 2014 Class Championships. Whatever you were here for, you were looking forward to racing a Club Day for the first time in 2014. We got underway with:


20140222CAD018Braydon Callaghan the fastest qualifier in the first Feature Class today, Joshua Hocking behind him, Kai Upiter then Jai Stephenson. At the green Callaghan away, Upiter, Hocking and then Stephenson, then Luke Swayer, Cooper Allen and Michael Horner; after 4 laps Callaghan had pulled a little clear of Upiter, but Hocking and Stephenson weren’t letting the front 2 get away – these 4 was where the action was. 3 to go and Upiter got under Callaghan at Arrow, Hocking now 3rd – Stephenson now well back in 6th after something happened that I didn’t see. Meanwhile with a lap to go Callaghan back to the lead and now super narrow at MKC to hold Upiter out by 0.052, then Hocking another tenth back – a good race to get things going.

Heat 2 now and Callaghan and Hocking again off the front but Callaghan unlucky to stop with a problem in the roll arounds and Hocking therefore away to the lead at the green, Upiter and Stephenson close behind. Very close in fact as Upiter really put the pressure on Hocking and Stephenson watching until lap 3 when Upiter got under at Tony Kart turn and Stephenson followed him through; Allan, Sawyer and Horner also now joining this train in 4, 5 and 6. Upiter began to grind out a lead, Stephenson held Hocking at bay behind him, and Allen and Horner watched on. 3 to go and Hocking moved into 2nd but Upiter just held enough of a gap to look secure, if not comfortable. Then Stephenson through to 2nd at Tony Kart turn with 1 to go and Hocking way wide at the Dipper to drop back to 5th – ahead of him at the finish line Upiter, Stephenson, Allen and Horner.

So to the Final of the 1st Feature Class and Upiter off the front, Stephenson beside him and Upiter away from Stephenson and Hocking, but action further back as Mastroianni  spun at Tony Kart and 4 or 5 behind him collided as they took evasive action – all of them except Joshua Gillick kept going. 4 laps in and Callaghan had moved through to 4th having started 7th after his Heat 2 DNF. He had plenty of laps to catch them so let’s wait and see. Halfway and Upiter was under some pressure from Stephenson who was shadowing him very closely, a gap back to Hocking and another gap back to Callaghan, but 2 seconds covered the front 4. Then with 3 to go they seemed to have settled in place, unless Stephenson could have a look at Upiter. He squeezed past at MKC as they began the 2nd last lap – and at the same time Callaghan retired, pulling into the in grid after looking like he might attack earlier; bad luck for him. Out front – Stephenson, but Upiter not content with this and piled on the pressure, then swooped at Arrow for the lead. Last lap, Grid Hairpin and Stephenson is almost out of chances so goes hard, but hands it to Upiter when he goes too hot and spins himself – so much so that Hocking got through for 2nd, Upiter already across the line in 1st.

Final: 1. Upiter 2. Hocking  3. Stephenson

Junior National Heavy

20140222JNH123Jordan Lewis and Bryce Woollard off the front, but before long Aaron Cameron and Cody Donald were through to 1 and 2, Lewis and Woollard back to 3 and 4, behind them Kain Kugimiya and Daniel Frencham, Lucas Filikotzias and Benjamin D’Alia. Cameron was grinding away out front and had soon established a gap of nearly a second. Donald meanwhile was under pressure from Woollard, but these 3 were well clear, then Luis Leeds having worked his way through to 4th from 13th. Last lap Donald and Woollard started dicing – Woollard keen to get by at JSKC, trying again at the Grid Hairpin but Donald held on, Cameron already in the scales shed.

Marcus Pattison and Jayden Adolph off the front, but Leeds and D’Alia through at the start and away ahead of Adolph, Hirotaka Chong and Cameron, Kugimiya and Woollard, Pattison back in 8th after a couple of laps. Leeds and D’Alia disappeared out front and went wheel to wheel – D’Alia getting to the lead at JSCK on Lap 5, Adolph still soldiering on in 3rd ahead of Cameron until Cameron got him at MKC with 4 to go, so Adolph now 4th. D’Alia and Leeds nose to tail – a tenth all that was in it. Leeds under him a lap later at Arrow for the lead, but no great gap appeared. It proved to be enough though, as Leeds held on by 0.08 to take the win, Cameron back in 3rd.

Heat 3 and Leeds and Cameron off the front, Donald and Woollard behind them and Cameron got the best of the start and went to a small gap ahead of Leeds as they settled down for the journey. D’Alia joined the back of this group after starting 5th and he was closing on Woollard and looking like an attack was coming anytime soon. 5 to go and they looked like a sort of loosely connected train, but no passing moves, although Leeds got right on the back of Cameron up front, then through at Tony Kart for the lead. Now they bunched up a bit, Cameron back to the lead at JSKC with 3 to go, behind him Leeds, Donald, Woollard, and D’Alia, then a big gap to the rest. Last lap and Leeds to the front, then Cameron, Woollard went straight off at Tony Kart to leave 4 of them – Cameron had a go at Grid Hairpin, but so deep he had nothing out of the corner, so Leeds went straight back past him to take the win, then Donald and D’Alia 3rd and 4th

All Points: 1. Leeds 2. Cameron 3. Donald


20140222ROOK051A small field – only 6 of them – led away by Thomas Smith, then Jake Sawyer and Sawyer away at the green, Blake Kolar soon through to 2nd behind him, while Jordan Dudfield was baulked a little at the start and settled back in 3rd, Smith behind him. By halfway Dudfield had reeled in the front pair and had a look at JSKC for 2nd ahead of Kolar; Sawyer still our leader. A couple of laps later Dudfield had made a small break on Kolar, then a lap later Kolar was back on him – last lap and Kolar was right on him, at the Grid Hairpin maybe? No, maybe at MKC? Not quite, as Dudfield hung on for 2nd, Smith a comfortable winner.

Heat 2 action begins with Kolar away well ahead of Dudfield, Sawyer, McGovern, P Plater Antonio Mastroianni and Smith. 2 laps in Dudfield goes under Kolar at MKC, Sawyer close behind – then Sawyer to the lead at the Carousel until Dudfield went back at MKC, but no clear gap appeared in this trio until lap 4 when Kolar dropped back a bit, so the trio now a duo. The duo carried on for a lap or two – the frequent swapping keeping Kolar in touch – just. 4 to go and Sawyer the lead – Dudfield back at MKC, Sawyer back at JSKC, Dudfield back at the Dipper – 3 lead changes in half a lap!! 2 to go and they just keep swapping the lead. Start of the last lap and Sawyer leads and finally a gap appears but only for a few corners as at MKC Dudfield is right back on him – Sawyer narrow across the line to hold on by 0.070. Best duel for the lead we have seen all day!!

20140222ROOK073Heat 3 was Sawyer, Dudfield, Kolar, Smith, and Dudfield got away best at the green, but Sawyer soon back on him with Kolar close behind. Sawyer went to the front on lap 2, then Dudfield back at him a lap later, Kolar watching on from close behind – then well back to Smith and Mastroianni. Meanwhile Sawyer back in front, now Dudfield, now Sawyer – who can keep up with this? And still 5 laps to go! Dudfield under Sawyer at Arrow, Sawyer back under him at Tony Kart. Then they stopped passing each other for a few corners and concentrated on getting clear of Kolar, who was still there in 3rd after all this passing had gone on ahead of him. Now 2 to go and Sawyer leads still, Dudfield to the front at Grid Hairpin – last lap starts and Dudfield leads Sawyer; they touch into Tony Kart – Dudfield loses out as Sawyer gets past and pulls a gap which he manages to hold to the line, a tenth ahead of Dudfield who was a tenth ahead of Kolar. A great dice and a shame there could only be one winner.

All Points: 1. Sawyer 2. Dudfield 3. Kolar

TAG 125 Light

20140222TaGL053Richard Dickie away at the start with Andrew Sotiropoulos behind him, but after a couple of laps Dylan Slits was the big mover, through to 3rd from 10th, then 2nd a lap later – Sotiropolous still out front, but Slits had him in his sights and was soon on his crash bar; Shane Kovacs, Dickie, and Vern Kranz behind this pair. 4 to go and Sotiropolous went wide out of Tony Kart allowing Slits an easy pass for  the lead, and Kovacs came right up on him too – a gap back to Kranz, Sean Barnardo, Zackery Cerato and Dickie. With 2 to go Slits looked a comfortable leader, the action was for 2nd – Sotiropolous and Kovacs, but Sotiropolous it was ahead of Kovacs, Barnardo and Kranz behind them.

Michael Ambelas off pole, Slits beside him and Heat 1 winner Slits was away to a flyer, Ambelas then Cerato, Barnardo then Kranz, but 2 laps in it was all Slits – the gap 2 ½ seconds as they settled down behind him. Slits was pulling away by more than ½ a second a lap and the rest of the field formed a train behind him, but  a very distant one led by Ambelas, then Cerato and Barnardo – Barnardo looking like he wanted to pass but unable to find the gap. As they diced, Kranz joined the group as did Kovacs, but in the end Slits had a commanding lead and went on to win from Ambelas and Cerato.

Slits off pole, Barnardo beside him then Ambelas and Cerato, and Slits a great start as Ambelas followed him through, Kovacs behind these 2 – further back Barnardo, Sotiropolous and Kranz. Slits was untroubled in the lead, but there was trouble aplenty behind him as Ambelas and Kovacs traded places and the recovering Barnardo joined in. Things calmed down with 5 to go as Kovacs pulled clear in 2nd and Ambelas shook off Barnardo – out front Slits was 5 seconds in the clear and looking like a winner. With 2 to go Ambelas had closed back up on Kovacs and they were side by side around the Carousel and Barnardo joined in to go to 3rd – then disaster at JSKC as Sotiropolous and Ambelas tangled, with the former into the tyres and out, Ambelas limping around last, so Slits, Barnardo and Kovacs the first 3

All Points: 1. Slits 2. Barnardo  3. Kovacs

Junior National Light

20140222JNL058Kyle Frencham and Bryce Woollard off the front row but Frencham bogged down after the green and they bunched up behind him a bit for the first few corners until D’Alia and Woolard emerged as leaders, then Oscar Piastri coming through from the back, Lachlan Fitchett, then Jack Scanlan, Christian Pancione and Frenchman recovering in 7th. Halfway and D’Alia a good lead, Piastri looking determined to narrow the gap, Woollard dropping back a bit in 3rd, so all the interest out front. Start of the 7th lap and Piastri swoops through at Arrow to take the lead – meanwhile Fitchett was closing right up on Woollard for 3rd and got him with 2 to go. At the flag Piastri the victor by half a second from D’Alia, Fitchett back in 3rd.

Heat 2 and Piastri away as we go green and into the lead ahead of Jack Scanlan, D’Alia moving through well, then Fitchett and Patrick Forrester. Piastri looked like dominating and he drove away to a lonely lead; Scanlan held off D’Alia for a few laps, but succumbed to go back to 3rd eventually, where Fitchett started to close on him too, but Fitchett didn’t have it all his own way as Scanlan battled to hold his spot. Finally Fitchett squeezed by at Arrow to take 3rd. Ahead of him Piastri across the line just over 6 seconds clear of D’Alia.

Heat 3 and Piastri, D’Alia, Fitchett and Scanlan the front 2 rows, and no surprise Piastri away well, D’Alia 2nd, then the next pair of Fitchett and Scanlan, Woollard and Pancione then Frencham, and Forrester, who was last until he threw a chain leaving the Dipper, so he wasn’t last any more, Frencham was. So 5 to go and Piastri and D’Alia had cleared out – Piastri just over a second in the lead. Now a battle was developing for 3, 4 and 5 with Scanlan, Fitchett and Pancione all engaged in heavy combat. Last lap and the combat wasn’t resulting in much change in the order – they just kept going around close together – unlike Piastri and D’Alia who were very far apart as they crossed the line 1 and 2. Behind them Scanlan held on for 3rd, Pancione through to 4th and Fitchett 5th

All Points: 1.Piastri 2. D’Alia 3. Fitchett

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

20140222SRH105Luke Grech-Cumbo off pole and away well at the start, then Simon Chase, Jarrod Paydon and Shane McCutcheon – Paul Barlow an early retirement with a brake problem. Start of Lap 3 and Grech-Cumbo well clear from a gaggle of karts led by Paydon, McCutcheon and Chase, all bouncing an bobbing around as they fought for superiority. Bad luck for Chase when he stopped mid corner at JSKC – then got going again, but half a lap back in last. Meanwhile Grech-Cumbo was taking all before him, 5 ½ seconds in the lead. Paydon had pulled clear in 2nd and with 2 to go Joshua Muis and Stewart Johnstone began attacking McCutcheon for 3rd, Muis eventually the victor of this stoush while Grech-Cumbo and Paydon crossed the line 1 and 2.

Heat 2 sees Trevor Payne off pole, keen to make up for a Heat 1 DNF no doubt, and as we go green he got away well from Adam Jenkinson, McCutcheon and Daniel Blizzard as the field trailed around behind them. Payne enjoyed the lead and pulled clear from a battle developing behind him as McCutcheon and Jenkinson started to box on, while Blizzard waited patiently in 4th for something to happen. Something did happen – but it happened to him (D’oh!), as he lost 2 spots coming out of the Grid Hairpin, suddenly slowing before getting going again. All Payne out front though, then McCutcheon and Jenkinson glued together in 2 and 3, then Grech-Cumbo, who had worked his way into 4th , and then 3rd as he passed Jenkinson to break the bond between he and McCutcheon – but Payne at the flag then McCutcheon and Grech-Cumbo by 0.080 ahead of Jenkinson

Grech-Cumbo numero uno here for Heat 3 ahead of McCutcheon and Paydon, then Muis and Jenkinson. Once they got the first few laps behind them, Grech-Cumbo had the mumbo and pulled away from McCutcheon. Well behind McCutcheon then was Paydon and Muis, then another gap to a furious bunch of karts led by Chase and Payne, but with 3 to go Chase was off at MKC and Payne into 5th, then Jenkinson and Johnstone. Out front as they began the last lap it was Grech-Cumbo going solo, McCutcheon in 2nd, Paydon and Muis behind them, and that’s how they finished.

All Points: 1. Grech-Cumbo 2. McCutcheon 3. Paydon

Clubman Heavy / Clubman Super Heavy

20140222CHCSH039Sparky Marquis gets the jump on pole sitter James Mastorakis at the green, and back in Supers Rod Capuano got away ahead of Mick Fisher. Thomas Martin was soon pressuring Mastorakis and got past for 2nd on lap 3, but Marquis was establishing a good gap out front, Jason Sidwell meanwhile back in 4th. With 5 to go Marquis’ lead was not quite so commanding as Martin and Mastorakis were now breathing down his neck – Martin under him at Tony Kart turn for the lead – Mastorakis got him a lap later at JSKC to go into 2nd. Capuano was still holding off Fisher in Supers, well back from them to Darren Kemp in 3rd. Last lap and Mastorakis through for the lead and took the win from Martin, Capuano the Super Heavy victor over Fisher.

Martin off pole in Heat 2 and got the jump from Sidwell, Mastorakis and Marquis, but Marquis back to 3rd after 2 laps and a sideways effort at Tony Kart turn. Back in Supers it was Capuano and Fisher again, then Kemp – the usual suspects here. Martin continued to pull away, Marquis went wide leaving the Dipper and let Mastorakis back in for 3rd and Sidwell motored along in 2nd – motored along until, with 4 to go, he was off and out entering the Carousel. In Supers Capuano and Fisher were so close together they looked like one giant sized Super Heavy kart as they went around, but Capuano still held the upper hand and the lead, and held on for the win – Martin having just held out Mastorakis in Heavy ahead of Marquis.

20140222CHCSH062Martin and Mastorakis in Heavy, Capuano and Fisher in Super Heavy and as we went green the excitement begins again – Martin to the lead from Mastorakis then Marquis; Capuano leading Fisher in Super Heavy. For a race with few combatants, it turned into something moderately exciting as Martin, Mastorakis and Marquis were separated by only 3/10ths, then Capuano well back from them, but only a tenth ahead of Fisher – at least it would be exciting if they started passing each other, but for the moment they all held station. Then, look out! Fisher to the lead of Super Heavy at JSKC as they began the 2nd last lap and he went under Capuano. No such excitement in Heavy though as Martin crossed first ahead of Mastorakis and Marquis – 2/10ths covered the three of them, then Fisher just ahead of Capuano and a gap back to Kemp

All Points – Heavy 1. Martin 2 . Mastorakis  3. Marquis

All Points – Super Heavy  1. Fisher 2. Capuano 3. Kemp

Junior Clubman

20140222JC065Aaron Cameron and Lachlan Fitchett off the front of Junior Clubman and Cameron to the lead, Dylan O’Keefe a good start to get through to 2nd and Damon Strongman into 3rd. Behind them, Luis Leeds and Junior Clubman P Plater Oscar Piastri doing very well to be through to 5th and lapping within a tenth of the leaders – through to 4th by halfway as he passed Leeds into Arrow. Out front O’Keefe had gotten to the lead ahead of Cameron, Strongman not far behind these 2, but Piastri now the quickest of them all. Strongman and Cameron swapped spots and paint a few times as they boxed on, O’Keefe pulling away meanwhile in the lead and went on to win from Strongman, Cameron, and Piastri storming home in 4th.

Heat 2 and Strongman off the front row with O’Keefe, and O’Keefe away at the green, then Strongman, Leeds and Cameron, then Piastri working his way through well again. Halfway, and O’Keefe, Strongman, Cameron to 3rd, Piastri through to 4th, then Leeds, Fitchett and Hunt. 3 to go and Cameron is catching Strongman – O’Keefe looks safe out front, but what will happen for 2nd? What will happen is that Cameron will close right up on Strongman and as they begin the last lap he will be a kart length off him. There would only be one chance – and Cameron took it at the Carousel and went to 2nd – an awkward place to pass and a good job to do it without a touch. O’Keefe the victor, Cameron and then Strongman, who only held off Piastri by 0.05 in the end – Piastri doing a fine job from the rear.

Heat 3 and O’Keefe away from Cameron and Strongman, Leeds, then Fitchett and Piastri. This was the order for the first 4 laps, but Cameron was reeling O’Keefe in slowly and was on him by halfway – and under him at JSKC as they began lap 5, O’Keefe back under him at Tony Kart , so Strongman now drawn up to this pair as they fought. O’Keefe composed in the lead, but not  a very big lead from Cameron, until  Strongman went under Cameron on lap 8 at JSKC, then Cameron went back at him next corner and didn’t quite pull it off; all this handed O’Keefe a big lead as the other 2 rubbed and rocked their way around. Cameron got Strongman a lap later, but this was now a dice for 2nd – O’Keefe had cleared out to win by nearly 2 seconds, Cameron, then Strongman, then Leeds and Fitchett

All Points: 1. O’Keefe 2. Cameron 3. Strongman

TAG 125 Heavy

20140222TaGH052Vern Kranz and Adam Gillick off the front with Travis Millar and Paul Maruszak behind them. Kranz and Millar away well, Gillick back to 3rd and Millar all over Kranz like a cheap suit, but couldn’t get past. A lap later Gillick suffered a flat tyre and a tangle resulted behind him as he suddenly slowed out of Tony Kart turn – then they sorted themselves out and Rhys Hunt found himself 3rd. Kranz meanwhile was still leading from Millar – 3/10ths adrift in 2nd. Behind Rhys Hunt, Hunt senior – Mal – was shaking his way around with a bent axle, but still ahead of Richard Matera, Greg Smart and Phil Smith. Eventually the axle started to take its toll and Mal Hunt dropped back. Last lap and Kranz still out front, Millar closing and looked like a move was coming – then at the Grid Hairpin he threw it in from a long way back and took Kranz out. Millar went on to cross the line first from Rhys Hunt and Matera.

Chaos a couple of corners after the start of Heat 2 as 5 of them tangled and most of the 5 went out, but Smith  clear in the lead, from Rhys Hunt and Millar working his way through the chaos to be 3rd. The front 3 were soon bunching up as Millar moved into 2nd ahead of Hunt and set sail after Smith. Soon he was on the back of Smith and looking for a way past, but Smith drove a calculated race to hold off Millar and take the win, Hunt and Matera behind these 2.

Millar and Rhys Hunt, Smith and Matera as Heat 3 goes green and Millar goes to the lead while Smith and Hunt have a touch or two at JSKC and allow him to get clear, Matera behind them, then Mal Hunt and Paul Maruszak. 3 laps in and Smith goes under Rhys Hunt into the Dipper, but Hunt back around him at the next corner. So Millar pulled further away, while Matera gained on Smith and Hunt. Then an awkward pass by Smith on Hunt at Grid Hairpin saw Matera go through to 2nd, but Smith back past him at JSKC half a lap later, then Hunt got past Matera too. So Millar now with a big lead took the win, Smith, Hunt, Matera, and slotting in behind him was Kranz who had moved his way through after starting 10th following 2 DNF’s in the heats – nice fresh tyres though!

All Points: – 1. Millar 2. Smith 3. Rhys Hunt

Clubman Light

20140222CL048Luke Marquis away best from Wayne Bourke, while pole man Matthew Lane dropped back to 3rd, then Matthew McLean, Samantha Millar, Angelo D’Ettorre, Fred Kahn and Richard Dickie. Bourke was soon right on Marquis and McLean was closing on these 2 as well, and Millar lurked a little further back – Lane meanwhile was dropping back through the field with a propulsion problem of some sort. Halfway and Mclean had fought through to 2nd – Marquis in his sights. Millar went under Bourke for 3rd. A lap later at JSKC it was a case of “all change” as the new order became Bourke, McLean, Millar and Marquis – next lap McLean, Bourke, Millar, Marquis – then Marquis to 3rd at the Dipper then back to 4th at Grid Hairpin and then dropped well back after a tangle with Millar – but after all this McLean got clear in the lead from Bourke and held on for the win, Millar 3rd, Marquis 4th.

Appleby off the front in Heat 2 and Dickie went with him, then Millar, Marquis and Khan. Millar to the lead as an incident forced Appleby back to join Dickie, and McLean through all this to be 4th, then 3rd as he got ahead of Dickie and chased Khan. Two laps later he passed him for 2nd – could Millar hold on out front for another 5 laps? Further back Luke Marquis was 4th, closely followed by Bourke with Dickie now behind them. The times said McLean would go close to catching Millar – 2 to go he was down to 1.1 behind her, a lap later though the gap was about the same so Millar looked safe, and safe she was as she comfortably held McLean off, Khan, Bourke and Marquis behind them.

McLean the pole man and Millar beside him, Bourke behind her, then Khan. Good start by McLean, and Bourke around Millar at JSKC, then disaster for her one corner later at Tony Kart when she went around and out. This left Bourke free to chase McLean, Dickie had moved through to 3rd then Bates and D’Ettorre, but the front 2 were now 5 seconds clear. Gradually McLean started pulling away from Bourke and these 2 were so much quicker that it really was a 2 horse race, but McLean the much faster horse and looked like going away to win. Go away to win he did, Bourke a distant 2nd, then the rest – a shame for Millar, she would have made something of a race with the front 2.

All Points: 1. McLean 2. Bourke 3. Khan

Sportsman Restricted Light

20140222SRL181Justin Carless and James Humphrey off the front in Heat 1 but a red flag brought proceedings to a halt two corners in, when Rory Spencer and David Hutchinson tangled going into Tony Kart, Hutchinson being attended to for a sore leg, his day over. So we try again, and Carless away cleanly, Humphrey behind him, then Jamie Westaway and Robert Barnes and these 2 swapped places as they started lap 2 at JSKC but then swapped back at the next corner. Alex Bruckhans watched on in 5th while Brett Finnigan and James Barnes trailed him, then P Plater Gokhan Resit and Andrew Latimer. All this time Carless was pulling away, Humphrey a lonely 2nd, Jamie Westaway a wild ride out of Tony Kart with 3 to go dropped him back to 5th behind Robert Barnes and Bruckhans and that’s how they finished.

Carless and Humphrey again the front pair and Carless away cleanly and put his head down. Humphrey, Westaway, Bruckhans and Barnes were strung out behind him. All the action was in a group much further back – in 6th was Resit, then James Barnes, Finnigan, Anthony Westaway, Nicholas Clarke and Andrew Latimer – these guys put on a great show of passing, slipping and sliding their way around each other – Resit eventually getting clear, but not by much from James Barnes. Meanwhile Carless was across the line, then Humphrey, Jamie Westaway and Bruckhans and Robert Barnes ahead of Resit and James Barnes.

The final for the second Feature Class led away by Carless after he won both of the heats, then Humphrey and Robert Barnes. Carless, as he had done all night, off to a good lead, Humphrey slotting into a familiar 2nd, then Jamie Westaway, James Barnes and Finnigan.  After 5 laps Carless had no worries out front, but it was a bit more willing for 2nd, 3rd and 4th with Humphrey just ahead of Westaway and Barnes – thus the order remained though as the laps peeled off. In the end, a race that didn’t promise much excitement delivered on its promise as Carless took an easy win, and the 3 behind him held position to the line – Humphrey, Jamie Westaway and Robert Barnes it was.

Final: 1. Carless 2. Humphrey  3. Jamie Westaway