2014 Jurgens Caravans Victorian Open – Saturday

The second day of racing at the 2014 Jurgens Caravans Victorian Open once again showcased some incredible racing talent. Here is the short report from Saturdays racing.

X30 Heavy

Heat 2: Nelson got ahead of Barbera at the start and while there were a few changes behind them, these two pulled away from Hindle and King, and Nelson went on to win.

Pre Final: Hindle and Nelson drew away and put on a two horse race that Hindle won, a big gap back to Barbera then another gap to Davis.

X30 Light

Heat 2: The James and Dave show out front as Carless dropped back to third, then further back as Nicolaou came through. Dave Sera led most of the race until James squeezed by on the last lap to hold out Dave and take the win.

Pre Final: Dave Sera the early leader and looked like going away but James gradually worked his way up to Dave and crossed the line on his crashbar, but Dave the winner.

Clubman Over 40

Heat 2: Early on Smith went to the lead ahead of Luciana and Poole, but on Lap 4 Poole to the front as Smith dropped back to 4th behind Luciani and Whitby. Remo to the front a few laps later and pulled clear, Poole, Whitby and Smith behind him.

Pre Final: Remo went away, but not right away from Smith who righted the wrongs of Heat 2 by finishing 2nd ahead of Whitby, Remo the winner.

Junior National Light

Heat 2: Hollis off at the start and out, a disaster for the Pole man – Sidebottom moved up to the lead, Cameron and Ojeda behind him, then Caruso and Prestipino. Cameron to the lead and Ojeda through on Sidebottom for 2nd – last lap looked like being a fight and Sidebottom was the victor ahead of Ojeda and Cameron.

Pre Final: Lots of early changes with Cameron and Piastri leading at various times but Ojeda went away in the end to win easily from Piastri then another gap to Sidebottom and Cameron.

Rotax Light

Heat 2: Soutar went to the front at the start and drew away for an easy win ahead of Boys, then a gap back to Bourke and another gap to Farkas.

Pre Final: Soutar the early leader but Boys got past him and went on to win with Densley slotting into 3rd.


Heat 2:  Sinni, Doohan, Harders after a lap but Doohan to the front a few laps later. Love was working up from a P7 start and looked like reeling them in. This he did and passed the lot and drove away for a win – Doohan, Harders, Cassar then Sinni behind him.

Pre Final: A train of Rookies for most of the race – Doohan, Harders, Love, O’Leary, Sinni, Sawyer, Dudfield the order on around Lap 8. At the flag it was Harders a whisker ahead of O’Leary then Love with Doohan and the improving Montalbano behind them.


Heat 2: Hanson away to the lead, Larkin then Douglas, New Zealander Boniface next, then Callaghan and Webster. By lap 8 Douglas was through to the lead but Hanson got back through and took the win.

Pre Final: All Hanson here as he led Boniface and Douglas for most of the race, then led them across the line.

Rotax Heavy

Heat 2: Like X30H, Nelson and Barbera to the lead, Barbera the better of the two for a number of laps but Nelson through to the lead and led the start of the last lap, but Barbera got past and took the win.

Pre Final: The familiar pairing of Nelson and Barbera and Nelson away to the lead, Barbera with him, then a gap to Millar and Pringle. By the last lap Nelson had a comfortable lead from Barbera who also had a gap on Pringle and Farkas while Millar and Reid dropped back after a last lap tangle.

Junior Clubman

Heat 2: Ackermann then O’Keefe and Murray and these three a big gap on Fullwood but in the end the gap was all behind Ackermann as e took a comfortable win.

Pre Final: Fullwood unlucky at the start to drop back to last, Denton unlucky a few corners later to go out altogether but all this let Ackermann drive away out front. Murray dragged Ackermann back eventually and took the lead then Ackermann got him back but last lap and Murray goes through – Ackermann back to 4th but recovers to 3rd behind Hollis – Murray the winner.

Clubman Heavy

Heat 2: Sanderson all the way, a gap to Barbera and Nelson with Dave Sera joining on in 4th but Sanderson drew away for an easy win from Nelson then another gap back to Sera.

Pre Final: Sera to the lead and Sanderson right behind, then Nelson and Nicolaou. Sera just held off Sanderson, and Nelson right there too, but we seemed to be waiting for Sanderson to have a look at the lead. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t so Sera the winner, Sanderson right behind, then Nelson – get ready for a ripper final!

Junior National Heavy

Heat 2: Donald, Cameron and Gillis the first three at the start and Donald drove away; Pike through to 2nd then Cameron and Leeds

Pre Final: All Donald, Pike sticking somewhat with him, but well back then to Gillis, Cameron and Leeds

Clubman Super Heavy

Heat 2: Simpson then McKinlay and Cash, but Cash got to the front and McKinlay and he drove away as Simpson dropped back, eventually finishing behind Stania in 4th.

Pre Final: Like some of his Nationals victories years ago (think Pucka 2004) Simpson just drove off into the distance, McKinlay then a gap to Stania and another gap to Capuano.

Clubman Light

Heat 2: Began with a huge roll from Hughes that put him out of action for the race. At the restart James Sera ahead of North and McLean and by the flag McLean had worked through to 2nd but Sera the winner.

Pre Final: James Sera and North pulled well clear – eventually Arora and Rochford in 3 and 4 and special mention to Hughes whose roll in Heat 2 meant a change of chassis and therefore a start from the rear. From here he drove through to 8th – one to watch in the final as James took the Pre Final win.


Heat 2: A procession with Fullwood the leader, then Ojeda and Black, Morse moving into 3rd eventually, but Fullwood the winner.

Pre Final: Another fairly processional race but livened up in the end as Fullwood went under Ojeda to take the win; Black and Morse 3 and 4.