The Bell Report VKS Round 1 2014

OGKRC resident started and author of The Griffiths Report was unavailable for the first round of the VKS 2014, so a fill in had to be found. We looked far and wide, and found…. David Bell. Here is his report of VKS Round 1 2014.

With over 239 entries across 13 classes, the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club couldn’t have asked for a better opening round to the 2014 Victorian Karting Series. Perfect weather, venue looking fantastic and a huge turnout of karters from all over Australia. Many interstate competitors using this meeting as a warm up for the Victorian Open Championship the following week-end.


Heat 1 – A big field of Cadets saw the start of the VKS Rd1. Pole man Sawyer had a great start and was away and racing, closely followed by Gower. Lap 4 and Hanson worked his way into first place followed by Gower. The pole man had dropped back to 4th. The first 4, Hanson, Gower, Webster & Upiter had opened up a 2.5sec gap on lap 9 and it looks like the winner would come from this group. 5th to 9th were in a bunch all within 1sec of each other. They battled until the end. Out in front Hanson and Gower fought to until the finish line.

1st Hanson 2nd Gower 3rd Upiter

Heat 2 – With the start of the Heat it took a while to get into position. When it went green we only lost 1 at JSKC. By half race distance Hocking had opened up a 1.6sec lead with Mann, Bailey, Larkin and Allen all trying to grab 2nd place. Larkin went down the inside of Mann to take 2nd. Into the Dipper, Larkin made a move into 1st but Hocking wasn’t giving up. Larkin held him out.

1st Larkin 2nd Hocking 3rd Allen

Pre-Final – With a big field of Cadets it was thought that we would lose a few on the 1st lap. It is now 6 laps in and all still racing, except 1 who didn’t greet the starter. Hanson had pulled out a lead with a group of 3 close behind and a group of 2 following. Larkin the pole man lead the group of 5 but Hanson was way out in front. The big mover was Webster from 13th into 2nd place closely followed by Callaghan. It’s a 14 lap race and with 2 laps to go we still have all karts still on the black stuff.

1st Hanson 2nd Webster 3rd Callaghan

Final – Hanson and Webster had a break over Callaghan and Larkin. Gower was down the inside of Larkin at MKC and was after Callaghan. Out in front Hanson was working hard to maintain the lead as Webster wasn’t letting him get away. Gower made the move on Callaghan and was pulling away. The front 2 were 3.3secs ahead. Larkin pushed hard and moved into 3rd ahead of Gower but that didn’t last long and was soon back into 4th. Larkin now back in 5th had an off and cut across the grass but didn’t lose any positions. Hanson had a two kart lead with 1 lap to go.

1st Hanson 2nd Webster 3rd Gower

TAG 125 Light

Heat 1 – With a field of 21 it was unsure if they would all start or all finish the first lap, it was the Dipper that 6 karts came together, 3 didn’t make it out Carless, Ambelas & Dvorak would have to watch the rest of the Heat. By lap 6 Densley had a 3.2sec lead over Bantick & Barnardo. The action was back in 4th to 7th with all trying to fill the same bit of track. Lap 11 Densley had over 3sec lead.

1st Densley 2nd Barnardo 3rd Bantick

Heat 2 – This first attempt to start this Heat wasn’t good as we had a major incidence into turn 1. Red flag and a full restart. Restart – Without the original P1 & P2, it elevated Carless to P1 and he didn’t waste any time in putting in a huge lead. After 3 laps he had a 3.8sec lead. The action was happening back at Tony Kart where Bantick lost his nose cone, even at Arrow 3 decided to watch from the sidelines and 1 at MKC then 2 more at Pit Corner. So with Carless’s lead out by 7sec back in the pack, Broady dropped 5 spots after attempting as pass out of Tony Kart.

1st Carless 2nd Grover 3rd Kovacs

Pre-Final – After 1 was slow out of the gate, the start was ok for everyone except Bantick who lost a nose cone and had his nassau panel pointing to the sky. Carless was working hard in 2nd pushing hard on Densley. After a passing move at Arrow, Densley came under attack from Broady. The front 3 raced together and on the last lap Carless made a move for 1st but again they clashed at Arrow which put Densley into the dirt and a DNF.

1st Carless 2nd Broady 3rd Slits

Final – Carless from pole jumped away and Slits followed into 2nd. Broady wasn’t going to let Slits take his position and was on Slits but Barnardo was just behind and North also nearby. Carless was well ahead but 2nd to 8th were all watching closely. Broady tried a move on Slits which opened the door for North and Densley, North won out at Tony Kart. Densley from 17th was 5th after half race distance. North down the inside at JSKC and Densley and Broady tried to fill the same space at Tony Kart both no longer racing. Meanwhile North made the move on Slits and Carless was over 6 secs ahead.

1st Carless 2nd North 3rd Slits

TAG Restricted Heavy

Heat 1 – The new starting procedure was always going to be hard to adjudicate but this field did it perfectly! Paydon from P2 had the better acceleration (after the line) and jumped away but by lap 3 Michaelides was all over him. Lap 5 they changed positions and Michaelides was out to a 1.5 sec gap. Lap 10 and Michaelides was out to a 2sec gap and Paydon in 2nd was losing ground to Jenkins and McCutcheon. With the last lap showing Jenkins took Paydon at JSKC corner. They battled all the way to the line.
1st Michaelides 2nd Jenkins 3rd Paydon

Heat 2 – Great start by Jenkins but all the action was behind him with Szysz 2nd and Muis 3rd. The first 5 separated from the rest of the field and drove away. Michaelides at the rear of the front pack was trying different moves to get past Muis. Payne moved ahead of Szysz in the Dipper. Michaelides put his nose up the inside of Szysz and once passed put in a huge lead to maintain 3rd.

1st Jenkins 2nd Payne 3rd Michaelides

Pre-Final – Jenkins from pole was under pressure from Michaelides but was holding his own. Back in 3rd Paydon was fighting hard to stop Muis from taking 3rd. McCutcheon had a big off at the exit of Tony Kart and dropped a number of spots. Michaelides was attempting a pass at almost every corner but Jenkins maintained his lead. Meanwhile Paydon opened up a gap and made ground on the lead two. Michaelides tried once too many and dropped a spot which put Paydon into 2nd but for only half a lap until Michaelides made a move which pushed Paydon back to 4th. Michaelides moved into the lead with great move on Jenkins.

1st Michaelides 2nd Jenkin 3rd Muis

Final – The front 3 of Michaelides, Jenkin and Paydon had opened up a gap on the reset of the field. Paydon had a small off but maintained his position which allowed Muis to gain some ground. Szysz passed Muis and both of them were after Paydon. Michaelides in 1st had a 5sec gap on Jenkin who had a 1.8sec gap on Paydon. Szysz finally passed Paydon but was still had Muis to worry about. Last lap and Paydon lost his nose cone to cross the line in 3rd. Unfortunately Paydon was later disqualified due to his missing nose cone.

1st Michaelides 2nd Jenkin 3rd Muis

Clubman Heavy

Heat 1 – Nicolaou and Thomas had jumped away to big lead by lap 3. We lost 3 at Tony Kart on lap 1. 3rd Mastorakos and 4th Dorbolo were nose to tail. Poole was making inroads into 4th but up front Nicolaou had taken back the lead, you don’t get that blue plate by holding back. Poole managed to get past Mastorakos. With 1 lap on the board Nicolaou had a few kart lengths on Thomas but Thomas wasn’t giving up.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Thomas 3rd Dorbolo

Heat 2 – A good start by all karts but coming out of JSKC Thomas decided to use the grass and dropped down from 4th to last. Once back on the track was able to quickly work his way back up a few spots. Mastorakos was ahead of Mitchell with Stone in 3rd. Nicolaou starting 9th worked his way into 4th. Nicolaou pushed hard into MKC and passed Stone into 3rd and then at the Dipper into 2nd. With 5 laps to go Nicolaou went down the inside of Mastorakos into 1st place. Stone had a gap back to 4th spot and further back Thomas was making ground on the leaders. Nicolaou, Mastorakos, Stone and then Thomas, you would think that Thomas was the man to make any more moves in this race…..and he did, Thomas takes another spot.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Stone 3rd Thomas

Pre-Final – Nicolaou leading from Thomas with Dorbolo not letting them get away. Thomas finally made a move past Nicolaou at JSKC which let Dorbolo join them. Thomas pushed away and Dorbolo managed to get under Nicolaou but he wasn’t finished yet, a daring move into Arrow saw the closest he had to taking the lead. Lap after lap he tried the same move. Nicolaou was watched this, waiting to take advantage. Thomas ducks his head for that extra streamline. Nicolaou moved under Dorbolo into the Dipper. With one lap to go Nicolaou was down the inside of Thomas at JSKC.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Thomas 3rd Dorbolo

Final – Thomas was best away and took the lead from Nicolaou, Dorbolo was holding 3rd and Mastorakos and Aitken following. Nicolaou was showing us why he won the previous race and soon took the lead back which left Thomas under threat from Dorbolo. Down Baron Straight Nicolaou looked over his shoulder as he knew the others were close and I don’t think he liked what he saw. Dorbolo was ahead of Thomas and was now after Nicolaou. Thomas was definitely dropping off. 4 laps to go and Dorbolo takes the lead at Arrow. Nicolaou and Dorbolo swapping spots with half a lap to go.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Dorbolo 3rd Thomas

Junior National Heavy

Heat 1 – One of the biggest fields of the day and they all made it into Arrow corner and then into JSKC corner. We lost the first kart at Tony Kart. By lap 5 the field was spread out over almost the entire track. Lap 7 the leader was Sparey followed by Iredale, Leeds, Murphy and Alger all within 0.6sec of each other. Lap 10 and Leeds leads and by a good margin, the action was back in 5th spot where Sparey went into the dirt and lost 5 spots. The big mover in the field was Stewart who started 14th was now in the mix.

1st Leeds 2nd Stewart 3rd Alger

Heat 2 – A big field of JNH drivers and with a coming together on the roll around, two won’t get to race. Coming out of Tony Kart the tell-tale high revving engine of Sparey and you knew his chain was off. Fallon was leading over Donald, Cameron and Flood. Donald was pressuring Fallon and looking to take the lead but Fallon had him covered. Cameron was the mover in the front 3 and was now all over Cameron. Stewart had plenty of pace but was stuck in the middle of the pack. Cameron made his move on Fallon but Fallon took the lead back on the fast Arrow corner but this allowed Donald to sneak up the inside at Tony Kart and then take the lead from Cameron. This dicing has allowed others to catch the front group. Cameron has a 5 kart lead into Tony Kart but the battle behind left Alger in the dirt.

1st Donald 2nd Cameron 3rd Flood

Pre-Final – Cameron off pole and Leeds from P3 made a break in the early laps with Stewart and Donald also on their own. Back in 6th Alger made a move on Iredale but lost ground and will need to work to gain his advantage back. Donald and Stewart starting to make ground on Leeds and Cameron. Alger back in 5th made a break and was on his own. The front 4 very close and Leeds made the move on Cameron but Donald and Stewart were in striking distance. With 0.5sec between 1st and 4th it was still anyone’s race. Cameron made his move again and opened up a gap to maintain the lead.

1st Cameron 2nd Donald 3rd Leeds

Final – Cameron, Stewart, Donald, Alger and Leeds the front pack in the early laps. Iredale was also making his way onto the front group. Stewart in 1st and Cameron in 2nd had a slight break on Donald. The next group of Alger, Iredale, Leeds, D’Alia, Flood and Frenchham were all looking racing and with half race distance covered would no doubt change positions. Out in front Cameron had taken the lead back from Stewart. D’Alia had moved into 4th ahead of Iredale and Alger. Stewart and Cameron were swapping 1st place and with 1 lap to go Stewart and Cameron had a coming together and let Donald through for the win.

1st Donald 2nd Cameron 3rd D’Alia

Clubman Light

Heat 1 – Lots of experience in this field but still Citrine didn’t make it around the first turn. By lap 2 Hughes had jumped away to over a second lead and wasn’t slowing down. Back in 9th spot Rochford, Francis and Rethus were having a great battle. McLean had an issue out of Tony Kart and ended up in the dirt…watching the race. Hughes 1st and Nicolaou 2nd had a 4sec lead on D’Ettorre. 3rd to 13th was still not decided by lap 10 and it was that tight. Lap 10 and Sera had worked his way from 15th into 3rd. Unlikely to catch 2nd. Last lap saw Nicolaou past Hughes.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Hughes 3rd Sera

Heat 2 – Rethus jumped away initially but was soon passed by Nicolaou and McLean was chasing hard. Sera lost few spots in the early laps and spent a number of laps swapping spots with Hughes. Francis was trying to work his way through the field. The only changes in the last half of the race were between Hughes and Sera for 4th and 5th.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Rethus 3rd McLean

Pre-Final – With a class field at the front of the pack it was always going to be a great start. Sera used experience to move from P4 immediately into P3 but wasn’t long until he was in P1. Nicolaou, Hughes and Rethus all nose to tail chasing Sera. It was only a small gap but Sera was very watchful. Back in 6th Francis was in a great duel with McLean. Sera wasn’t having it all his own way as Nicolaou kept putting his nosecone right under the rear bar, Hughes sitting in 3rd watching on. North also was making moves starting from P15 and sitting in 6th.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Rethus 3rd Sera

Final – Sera from P3 moved into the lead and Nicolaou stayed with him. Both had pulled a lead on Francis, Hawkes and North. Sera and Nicolaou running within 0.1sec each time they crossed the timing mark, each appear to have different strengths at different spots on the track. Sera on the twisty bits and Nicolaou on the straights. Hawkes holding 3rd but Francis and North close by. Nicolaou past Sera in the last laps but Sera didn’t give in. A bit of ‘rubbing’ in Pit corner gave Nicolaou the advantage and held on by 0.079secs.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Sera 3rd Hawkes

TAG Restricted Light

Heat 1 – Carless and Hickman had jumped away to a big lead by lap 3. Moreno was trying his dirt kart skills with an of the track excursion, dust everywhere. Lap 5 and Careless was out to a 1.6sec lead over Hickman who had a 3sec lead over J.Westaway. If Carless continues to hit the kerb at the Dipper he may not finish this race, his 3.6sec lead would all be for nothing. Lap 10 and the entire field were racing by themselves, gaps between all karts.

1st Carless 2nd Hickman 3rd J.Westaway

Heat 2 – Smith held the lead for a few laps but once Zahra worked back into 1st he drove away. The battle for 2nd was between Smith, Mackay, De Stefano and Trott. Zahra, Mackay & Smith nose to tail and you would think that the winner will come from this group. Smith tried to pass Mackay into JSKC but wisely pulled out. With 1 lap to go the front three look settled, just need to see which order they finish.

1st Mackay 2nd Zahra 3rd Smith

Pre-Final – The new starting rule caught out Carless who it looked like had too much fuel when he tried to accelerate and lost ground but still maintained P2. A few laps in and he had taken the lead and was streaking away. Back in 3rd De Stefano was the head of the freight train of J.Westaway, Smith and Zahra. Just over half race distance and Carless had a 2sec lead from Mackay who had a 4sec lead from Smith.

1st Carless 2nd Mackay 3rd Smith

Final – Carless slow away allowed Mackay to lead for one and half laps. J.Westaway back in 3rd from Smith. Mackay not letting Carless get away and also J.Westaway lost a spot to Smith. After an incident at JSKC we had a retirement on the track and a bone shacking limp back to the pits (bent axle), not a nice way to finish a race. Carless not slowing down but J.Westaway was all over Smith after Mackay’s race ended just out of the Dipper with a dropped chain. Carless wins by 8.4secs

1st Carless 2nd Smith 3rd J.Westaway

TAG 125 Heavy

Heat 1 – A great start by Lawrence but Kranz in 2nd cut down into a better racing line as soon as legally possible and put himself into a great spot to follow the leader. McCullagh moved his was from 8th into 2nd by the end of lap 1, by lap 3 he was into 2nd before the Dipper he was into 1st. The first 4 McCullagh, Lawrence, Kranz and Dorbolo had a good gap on the rest of the field. Woodfall and Reid retired on the same lap (maybe a coming together). Lap 10 and McCullagh had a commanding lead over Lawrence, Kranz and Dorbolo. The minor placings were not settled yet. No changes on the final lap.

1st McCullagh 2nd Lawrence 3rd Kranz

Heat 2 – After an additional roll around the race starting in a nice formation. Reid maintaining his P1 spot, Smith made a move into JSKC and found himself in 4th spot. Smith was gaining on King in 3rd who was also gaining on Aitken. McCullagh moved onto the top 4 so the battle for top 5 was all within 1.2sec. Aitken dropped of the group and left Reid, King and Smith with McCullagh hanging on. Smith lost a spot to McCullagh into the Dipper and King passed Reid.

1st King 2nd Reid 3rd McCullagh

Pre-Final – The early stages of the race and McCullagh and King had a coming together which end up with King retiring. Smith was out in front with 1.4sec from Reid and Aitken. Aitken in 3rd with Brennan and Dorbolo following. Half way and Smith still with a commanding lead over Reid who doesn’t appear to be gaining. McCullagh after his ‘moment’ with King is working his way back. Brennan looking to take 3rd from Aitken but with only a few laps to go may not make it.

1st Smith 2nd Reid 3rd Aitken

Final – With Smith holding his P1 he had to keep looking over his shoulder as 2nd to 5th were very close behind. Reid was closest with McCullagh, Brennan and Dorbolo. The front 5 had a 3sec gap on Aitken. Brennan in 5th just dropping off a bit from Dorbolo. Dorbolo made the move into 3rd at Arrow on McCullagh. Smith with a small gap will be looking behind him for the entire lap. Lights to flag win for Smith.

1st Smith 2nd Reid 3rd Dorbolo

Junior Clubman

Heat 1 – Piastri jumped away from P2 to lead most of the first lap, back in the field a few came together at JSKC which lead to the retirement of Mackay. Piastri, Stenner, Prestipino and Harders were the front runners and Ackermann was trying hard to get onto the back of the front group. Hollis was slowly working his way through the pack meanwhile Harders had retired. Hollis had moved into 4th after passing Ackermann. With 4 laps to go Hollis made a move into 3rd at JSKC on Stenner and was then after Prestipino. Hollis passed Prestipino, again at JSKC and was now after Piastri. Hollis must like that corner as he took Piastri and was away.

1st Hollis 2nd Piastri 3rd Prestipino

Heat 2 – After a false start, Iredale jumped to the lead followed by Ackermann and Hollis. Hollis was pressuring Ackermann and into JSKC took him. Hollis was very quick and on Baron Straight made his move on Iredale. Back in the field at Tony Kart Piastri was on top of Stenner, and I mean on top. Both drivers OK but both out of the race. Hollis out in front with Iredale, Mackay and Ackermann. Mackay was now all over Iredale and into MKC made the move. With 1 lap together it looks like Hollis will take the win.

1st Hollis 2nd Mackay 3rd Iredale

Pre-Final – Hollis with his 2 Heat wins wasn’t going to let anybody to get past him so opened up a lead in the early part of lap 1. Ackermann holding 2nd from Leeds but will need to work hard to hold it. Mackay moved up onto Leeds which let Ackermann get a bit of a gap. Only some position swapping between Prestipino, Jackson, Harders and Ackermann made the last few laps interesting.

1st Hollis 2nd Ackermann 3rd Leeds

Final – A fast start for Junior Clubman, Hollis temporarily lost the lead to Ackermann. We lost 4 karts at Tony Kart on lap 1. Hollis working his way back after dropping back made a fast pass on Ackermann at MKC which made Ackermann hit the dirt and lose lots of spots. Prestipino grabbed the lead and Hollis in 2nd having a great battle. Harders holding 3rd and watching ahead of him. Ackermann was all alone in 4th. Hollis made the move with 4 laps to go and Harders follows only to swap back the next corner. Hollis moved out to the biggest lead for the race. Ackermann with a big cross country run managed to maintain his 4th.

1st Hollis 2nd Harders 3rd Prestipino

Leopard Light

Heat 1 – Sera must do a lot of laps at Oakleigh as he was cutting his way passed the few in front of him and used the Carousel to take the lead. Nicolaou wasn’t going to let him get away and on his rear bar for the entire next lap. Reynolds, Carless and Edwards were battling for 3rd spot and Rethus wasn’t far behind. Sera had pulled out a 1sec lead over Nicolaou who had a 4sec lead over Carless in 3rd. If Sera has this form and pace next week-end he may retain the blue plate. Meanwhile Carless 3rd, Edwards 4th and Reynolds 5th. Reynolds with a huge gap on 6th spot Rethus.

1st Sera 2nd Nicolaou 3rd Carless

Heat 2 – Carless missed the start which let Rethus into the lead but Carless took it back again. Sera moved up to the lead group and put himself into 3rd. Edwards was in 2nd until Sera jumped him into Tony Kart. Nicolaou into 3rd over Edwards but Sera was also all over Carless. Nicolaou pushed his way past Sera at Pit Corner. Nicolaou followed by Sera bother passed Carless within two corners. Carless dropping off the front two.

1st Nicolaou 2nd Sera 3rd Carless

Pre-Final – Sera out of P2 was all over Nicolaou and Carless not letting them get away. Edwards and Rethus the only change in the top 6. Sera made the move at JSKC and Rethus managed to get under Carless. Sera looks quick early but appears to be holding up the group of 1st to 6th. Sotiropoulos was having a lonely race in 7th, a big gap behind and a big gap in front. The front 6 now separated with Sera leading Nicolaou and Rethus a few kart lengths back. Edwards and Reynolds appear to be the only possible change. Nicolaou put in a great lap and was all over Sera. Sotiropoulos lonely race is about to interrupted with Tesoriero under his rear bar.

1st Sera 2nd Nicolaou 3rd Rethus

Final – Sera on the first lap had the thing sideways under brakes into JSKC. Sera was quick but dropped a wheel at MKC and lost momentum and now dropped to 3rd but still in it. Nicolaou and Rethus had a big coming together at the Dipper and both are out of the race. Sera must think it’s his lucky day. Back in 2nd place Carless had his own troubles with 3rd place Reynolds right on his rear bar. Carless eventually pulled a few kart lengths and the battle was left for 3rd place. Edwards holding 3rd from Sotiropoulos and Job very racey and takes him at the Dipper which allowed Reynolds to also take a spot. Sera maintaining a 3sec lead from Carless who had a 3.5sec lead over Edwards. Job had a go at Edwards and pulled out to hold 4th losing his chance to take 3rd.

1st Sera 2nd Carless 3rd Edwards

TAG Over 40’s

Heat 1 – Only a small field of O’40s and when Burt was having engine trouble and pulled in on Lap 1 that left only 6 karts racing. Simpson was leading Branson and Wyhoon and then a gap back to Newman followed by Thornton and Falla. Newman was now on the back of Wyhoon who had lost some ground to Simpson. Branson had pulled away out in front so the fight was on for the minor placing’s. Wyhoon tried a move on Simpson at JSKC but wasn’t able to hold it. The next lap saw the change with Wyhoon and Newman getting past Simpson.

1st Branson 2nd Wyhoon 3rd Newman

Heat 2 – Thornton used his P1 to run away and after 3 laps had a 1.2sec gap. Branson followed by Newman. Branson got his kart working and within two laps was on the rear bar of Thornton. Into Pit Corner Branson took the lead. Burt who had to retire in the Heat 1 was leading the second group but under pressure from Wyhoon. Branson with a 1.5sec lead was pulling away. Thornton followed by Newman and Falla. The only positions that may change on the last few laps will be 2nd, 3rd or 4th. A half look by Newman for 2nd didn’t eventuate and positions remained as was.

1st Branson 2nd Thornton 3rd Newman

Pre-Final – The small field meant a good start with lots of experience. Burt off the rear into 4th place on the first lap. Thornton had a turnaround at Tony Kart and wasn’t happy. Burt moved into 3rd but Branson was out in front by 3.4sec. Newman was holding 2nd. Falla was chasing Burt and Wyhoon was under pressure from Simpson.

1st Branson 2nd Newman 3rd Burt

Final – The gentlemen of the sport are a bit racy in the early laps. Newmans kart appears to be very loose in the rear while Simpson and Wyhoon had a coming together which pushed them to the rear of the field. Branson with gap back to Newman and then Falla and Burt. At half race distance the gaps look very consistent and not likely to change. Burt starting to put in some good laps and gaining on Falla. Catching is one thing but passing is another. Back in 5th and 6th is where the action is, Simpson monstering Thornton.

1st Branson 2nd Newman 3rd Falla


Heat 1 – A big field of Rookies and we lost 3 on the first turn. Sawyer had used his track position to move into 1st place by the end of lap 1 and was pulling away. Montalbano was clear in 2nd place and behind him a group of 7 were all jostling for position. Papasergio was into 3rd and started from 18th so was cutting his way through the field with ease. Harders was coming from 19th and worked his way past Papasergio into 3rd on Lap 10.

1st Sawyer 2nd Harders 3rd Papasergio

Heat 2 – The hope of all Rookies completing a lap was looking good until the Carousal when two became tangled. Meanwhile up the front Papasergio, Feeney, Hanson and then Dudfield. After swapping a few lead changes Papasergio has pulled out a bit of a lead. Williams made a move on Dudfield to take 4th place. Dudfield was also under pressure from Harders. Papasergio with a 1.2sec lead with 2nd to 7th swapping places. Montalbano has put himself at the rear of the bunch.

1st Papasergio 2nd Feeney 3rd Harders

Pre-Final – With 3 out at JSKC on lap 1, the field has down to only 21!! Harders made his way to the front when Papasergio was pushed back to 4th. O’Leary and Montalbano were pushing hard and gaining on Harders. Sawyer was watching in 4th and Papasergio was in 5th. Harders on the jets allowed O’Leary to gain on the lead but Montalbano and Sawyer in 3rd and 4th.

1st Harders 2nd O’Leary 3rd Sawyer

Final – After a few roll arounds the pack settled down with O’Leary, Montalbano, Dudfield and Papasergio. A few laps later and Papasergio had dropped back to 10th. Out front Montalbano and O’Leary had a big gap to Dudfield, who was under pressure from 5 others. Dudfield with a mini-break on Williams and Hanson. O’Leary with a huge slide into Tony Kart and lost 5 kart lengths, he will need to work hard to get back onto Montalbano. O’Leary back on him after 3 laps, back in 3rd was Sawyer.

1st Montalbano 2nd O’Leary 3rd Sawyer

Junior National Light

Heat 1 – Hollis had opened up a lead and the others could only see the rear of this kart disappearing into the distance. Piastri, Dalla-Zuanna, D’Alia and Cameron (who had started from P20) just had to race amongst themselves. Piastri managed to break away and was now gaining on Hollis. Cameron made a move on D’Alia into 4th and then on Dalla-Zuanna into 3rd. With 1 lap to go Piastri made the move on Hollis who made it straight back again. Hollis was watching over his shoulder the entire lap and held off Piastri by 0.068sec.

1st Hollis 2nd Piastri 3rd Cameron

Heat 2 – After a hectic start, two went off at high speed but managed to get back onto the track, only to find four karts stopped at JSKC. Out the front Cameron had made a 1.5sec lead over Piastri. Hollis moved into 4th spot but was ready to take Winter. Murray was also moving through the field. Hollis moved into 3rd and Murray menacing Winter. Cameron way out in front by 1.8sec. Murray passed Winter into Tony Kart.

1st Cameron 2nd Piastri 3rd Hollis

Pre-Final – Cameron & Hollis and Piastri & Murray were holding the top 4 spot. Caruso had moved up from 15 to 5th with a great drive. Piastri was on the front 2 and 4th to 6th were bunched together. Piastri in front of Hollis and then into Tony Kart in front of Cameron. Caruso in 4th was gaining on Hollis meanwhile Cameron moved back into 1st at the same place that Piastri took him. Hollis dropped back but with his experience was able to gather the front 2 up and was within striking distance with 1 lap to go. At the Carousel Cameron went down the inside which pushed Piastri wide, this allowed Caruso to gain a spot and finished in 3rd place by 0.060sec.

1st Cameron 2nd Hollis 3rd Caruso

Final – A big field will always have issues at the start, Marquis was the big loser, she started to move but the rear tyre dug in and she was beached. Piastri, Caruso, Cameron and Hollis with a break over Romeo in 5th. In three corners, Piastri went from 1st to 4th but not out of it. Caruso down the inside at the Dipper which left Cameron wondering. This time it was Cameron on Caruso and Hollis followed. Hollis took the lead at JSKC but the front 4 were still all in a row. It was Piastri’s turn to change spots, down the inside of Caruso for 3rd. Piastri moved into 2nd and Hollis was now 4th. The 2nd last lap set the final positions and they raced to the end without any changes.

1st Cameron 2nd Hollis 3rd Caruso