The Griffiths Report July Club Day 2014

After the sodden Saturday we had in Melbourne yesterday, Oakleigh’s July Club Day looked like being more of the same from June – wet & cold. However Sunday dawned bright and beautiful and turned out to be an absolutely perfect winter’s day for racing. We also welcome back Andrew from AKD Photography this month, after missing June with illness. Contact Andrew at for pics from this month’s round of action.

After carbie session and qualifying for the Feature Class, we got underway.

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

20140727SRH098Heat 1 got going with McCutcheon, then Hewett, Payne and Fisher and they spread out as the laps rolled by, McCutcheon pulling away to a big lead and the win.

Heat 2 and Payne off pole then Dorning, Todd and Blizzard and at the green Payne away cleanly then Todd, Dorning and Blizzard as the opening laps unfolded, and after a few more McCutcheon and Dixon joined the train too, but Payne was pulling clear at the front. McCutcheon got under Blizzard for 4th and at the end it was Payne in a canter, Todd and Dorning.

Payne off pole and once he sorted out a problem in the roll arounds he got away to a good start, then McCutcheon, Blizzard, Todd and returning racer Seward in 5th, through from 11th. After 4 laps McCutcheon was slowly pulling up to the back of Payne, behind them Blizzard and then still carving through the field was Seward in 4th. With 3 to go the field had settled – McCutcheon wasn’t catching Payne as quickly, and Blizzard and Seward got caught up behind a slower lapped kart so that’s how they finished in the end: Payne, McCutcheon, Blizzard and Seward.

All Points: 1. Payne 2. McCutcheon 3. Blizzard

TAG 125 Light

20140727TaGL024Slits away to a good start with Kranz slotting into 2nd, a gap back to Kovacs, Baldacchino and Cerato who were all going around close together. As the race unfolded all 5 karts spread out, Slits still a commanding lead. Gradually Slits pulled further away and Kranz dropped back into the clutches of Kovacs – with 3 to go the question was could Kranz hang onto 2nd. Yes was the answer, as Slits crossed in 1st, then Kranz and Kovacs.

Cerato off pole and away at the green, Kranz through to 2nd and Slits 3rd then Baldacchino and Kovacs. Slits got through to 2nd but had a long way to go to catch Cerato who was cruising away out front. With 3 to go Slits had reduced the gap considerably and it was now only a short way to go, to get the lead from Cerato – maybe a kart length. With 2 to go Slits had a wild look at Cerato at Tony Kart turn and slid past him without a touch, but Cerato no problem to switch back and retake the lead – try again Boof! But time ran out and Cerato held on to take the win, Slits 2nd then Kovacs. In a happy twist of fate, Cerato then lost a wheel on the roll down lap – that’s’ the time to do it!!

Slits off like a shot ahead of Cerato as we went green, then Kranz, and until he spun on the start straight Kovacs was 4th, so he rejoined in last behind Baldacchino, but it was all Slits out front as he drove off into the distance and took the win.

All Points– 1. Slits 2. Cerato 3. Kranz

Junior Clubman

20140727JC004Strongman and O’Keefe away, as Griffin went off in the roll arounds. For a few laps O’Keefe and Strongman swapped the lead and Frencham was brought up onto the back of them, Hunt wasn’t a million miles off either, but most of the action was out front. O’Keefe finally found a gap in the lead and pulled a little clear, leaving the other 3 battling it out – Strongman at the head of this group. In the end O’Keefe took an easy victory, Strongman the best of the rest.

O’Keefe through to the lead at the green and Hunt 2nd, Strongman anxious to work his way up the order too, but expired part way through lap 1 and spent the rest of the race observing from a tyre bundle. No such problems for O’Keefe who was powering away, Frencham through under Hunt at the Dipper on lap 2 to go 2nd, then Griffin 4th. With 4 to go O’Keefe had it sewn up as long as nothing fell off, Frencham 2nd and looking OK, then Hunt and Griffin starting to drop back a little behind him, and that’s how it ended.

While O’Keefe went to the front at the green, the rest of the filed engaged in a boxing match a little further back – Frencham, Strongman, Hunt and Griffin all fighting to be the leader of the pack. Strongman and Frencham took it up to each other for a couple until Frencham pulled clear, then a tussle developed between Strongman and Griffin with Griffin popping out ahead in the end. O’Keefe meanwhile was all guns blazing out front and streaked away to the win; Frencham and Griffin behind him with Hunt retiring with 3 to go and Strongman pulling in with 2 to go.

All Points: 1. O’Keefe 2. Frencham 3. Griffin


20140727ROOK052McGovern the only non P Plater today so you would expect he would cruise away, but Potter was keeping him honest in 2nd – until McGovern spun coming out of canteen corner (D’oh!) and re joined at the back. He had the job ahead of him now, and Potter finds himself perhaps unexpectedly in the lead. Meanwhile McGovern set about retaking positions, passing Church and Allan on lap 4 and setting out after Potter, but it was going to take a huge effort – Potter looked cool and cruisy out front. In the end Potter maintained the gap and took a good win, McGovern, Church then Allan behind him.

Heat 2 and McGovern away again from pole, Allan slotted into 2, then Potter and Church, but Heat 1 winner Potter was looking racy and wanted to move through to 2nd. On Lap 3 he did and pulled clear of Allan, McGovern meanwhile well out in front. Then a spin from Potter dropped him back and McGovern looked like he would have it all his own way after all. Credit to Potter, he came again, and kept working up to the back of McGovern, but the spin mid race cost him valuable time – who knows what the result would have been had he kept it going forward for the whole race. Well behind him were Allan and Church.

Again we have just the 4 of them with McGovern away to the lead, and Potter, who looked like he might threaten, again spins on lap 1 and rejoins behind Allan and Church, so all to do ahead of him once more. Halfway and Potter is back to 3rd and right on the back of Allan, but McGovern was G-O-R-N gorn out front and took an easy win, Church ended up backwards in the tyres on the 2nd last lap when he and Allan tangled at Grid Hairpin so Potter a cruisy 2nd.

All Points: 1. McGovern 2. Potter 3. Allan

Clubman Light

20140727CL019Khan away well from Pole, then Appleby and a gap back to McLean who was struggling with perhaps a carbie problem for the first few laps, but once this was sorted he started to make up ground, then O’Connell, Harris and French. By Halfway Khan still in the lead, Appleby and then the recovering McLean, but Khan would take some catching. Appleby was up to the job though and as the laps rolled by he edged ever closer to Khan, and McLean was catching them both. With 2 to go Appleby had Khan right in his sights – maybe 2 kart lengths separated them, but in the end Khan held on for a narrow win, McLean home in 3rd. Unfortunately Khan came in underweight and was rubbed out for the heat.

McLean off like a shot and Khan through to 2nd with Appleby 3rd. McLean’s Heat 1 problems had clearly been resolved and he went away to a comfortable win from Appleby and Khan.

Heat 3 was McLean, Appleby and Kahn in a race I mostly missed due to a few technical difficulties.

All Points: 1. McLean 2. Appleby 3. O’Connell

Sportsman Restricted Light

20140727SRL038Moreno away well ahead of Male, then Carless, J. Barnes and R. Barnes. After 2 laps Carless had made his way to the front and started to pull clear, while J. Barnes was pressuring Moreno for 2nd and Male was looking on in 4th – then out of the blue through came Smith. With 1 to go it was Carless by a healthy margin, then J. Barnes, then Smith all over the back of him – but just failed to get past by the chequered flag, Barnes holding on by a tenth for 2nd .

R. Barnes in the lead after an opening lap which saw a huge pile up at Tony Kart turn that send Heat 1 winner Carless to the rear; Smith into 2nd then A. Westaway and Moreno behind him, then a few laps later Moreno though to 2nd, but no one was catching R. Barnes who went away to win easily.

Carless the early leader from J. Barnes, then J. Westaway and Moreno, further back to Male and R. Barnes then Bird, Smith and Spencer. Carless smoothly out front, but J. Barnes not without some hope of catching him, the real fight was back in 4, 5 and 6 between Moreno, Male and R. Barnes. 3 to go and Carless looked untouchable while J. Barnes was holding off J. Westaway for 2nd and Moreno still 4th and that’s how they finished.

All Points: 1. Carless 2. J. Barnes 3. Moreno


20140727TaG40s019Kranz away to a flyer as Gillick took 2nd but then spun in the Dipper and parted the field as they went around him. This brought Baldacchino through to 2nd, Alabaster then Hunt behind him, with Griffin and Fisher further back after taking evasive action on Lap 1. No one was catching Kranz though as he motored away, but Hunt was closing on Baldacchino for 2nd. With 3 to go Hunt was close, but not perhaps getting any closer as Baldacchino settled into a rhythm and ground out the last few laps. At the flag it was Kranz and the others unchanged behind him.

Griffin off the front here and away well, but Hunt through to the lead a few corners later and Alabaster to 2nd and before long was pressuring Hunt, meanwhile Fisher through to 3rd ahead of Griffin. Out front Hunt was still leading, Alabaster not letting him get away, but not passing him either. With 3 to go this was still the situation; Hunt holding a slender lead and thus he continued to the flag.

Hunt away well with Alabaster as Kranz dropped to 3rd on the green, then Baldacchino, Griffin and Gillick, but the front 3 looked like where the action was going to be, although Hunt wasn’t keen to get into a brawl. He turned out lap after consistent lap and kept Alabaster behind him, while Kranz dropped off these 2 a bit. While the front 2 went around Kranz joined them eventually, but credit to Hunt, he held on while under pressure from Alabaster and took a fist pumping win crossing the line with Alabaster on his tail. Kranz 3rd but came in underweight so off to the canteen for him.

All Points: 1. Hunt 2. Alabaster 3. Baldacchino


20140727CAD058Woods then Hocking at the green, Callaghan through to 3rd from 9th after a lap, so a great start for him, then Upiter and Stephenson. A lap later Callaghan was leading ahead of Woods, but then Stephenson moved through to take 2nd and doing his best to keep Callaghan in sight. Then Stephenson suddenly pulled in with what I believe was a dropped chain, so the pressure off Callaghan for now and he pulled away to a comfortable win, Hocking 2nd and Upiter 3rd.

Callaghan and Stephenson to the front after Harrison and Lachlan Occhipinti filled the front row but dropped back at the green, 3rd was Upiter and Hocking 4th, but Callaghan was cruising out front. In the end he drove away to victory.

Callaghan and Upiter the front pair, then Hocking, and these 3 pulled clear from Stephenson and L. Occhipinti and Woods further back. The front 3 settled into a routine; Callaghan looked like he was going to be untroubled, but Upiter and Hocking were getting closer and closer together, Hocking looking hard for a place to get past but didn’t in the end and they followed Callaghan across the line.

All Points: 1. Callaghan 2. Upiter 3. Hocking

Junior National Heavy

20140727JNH060Spence starting off pole then Filikotzias, then Frencham and D’Alia behind them and we got away, but Filikotzias made the most of the start and went to the lead, Kugimaya then Frencham and Woollard. Frencham through to 2nd on lap 4, but Filikotzias was well clear in the lead. 3 to go and Frencham was still only a kart length ahead of Kugimaya who hadn’t let him drive off. Woollard still watching in 4th, but all Filikotzias in the lead and he duly saluted.

Bell off pole and away and Woollard into 2nd at the green and then Chong, Kugimaya, Frencham, D’Alia and Filikotzias. Bell was clear, but the rest of the field bunched up behind Chong until Frencham got past and the rest of the field were unleashed and got through, Kugimaya and Woollard following him into 3 and 4. This group ducked and dived for most of the rest of the race until Frencham popped out in front to be a clear 2nd, Woollard and Filikotzias now 3 and 4, but Bell went on to record the win.

Filikotzias off the front here but not for long as Frencham went to the lead, then Bell, Filikotzias, Kugimiya, Woollard, Adolph and D’Alia. 4 laps in and Frencham had a sort of a lead, but a gaggle of karts close behind him with Bell at the head of them until Filikotzias got past him at JSKC with just a bump on the way through that gave him a little gap as he set off after Frencham, Bell now back in 3rd and dicing with Kugimaya. Filikotzias was going to put some pressure on Frencham shortly and with 3 to go he was on his crashbar then got under him at JSKC – they diced for a few corners and swapped back and forth, but Filikotzias got clear in the end , Frencham 2nd then Bell who was right back on these 2 with all this dicing. Last lap and Filikotzias went narrow for the last 2 corners and managed to hold on by a whisker, across the line 1st by 3/1000ths as Frencham lunged at the last gasp, Bell in 3rd.

All Points: 1. Filikotzias 2. Frencham 3. Bell

TAG 125 Heavy

20140727TaGH036Kranz away ahead of Fisher, then R. Hunt and he was through to 2nd and out after Kranz – a lap later R. Hunt through to the lead as Kranz goes to 2nd, Fisher then Grech-Cumbo and M. Hunt. So R. Hunt settles down and reels off a few good laps to give himself a break, but Kranz was not keen on this idea and kept him in sight, while Grech-Cumbo looked to go to 3rd. The battle for 3, 4 and 5 was a hot one, with Fisher, M. Hunt and Grech-Cumbo all swapping paint and spots, until M. Hunt got a break in 3rd and Grech-Cumbo settled into 4th with Fisher back in 5th. 2 to go and Kranz was a couple of lengths off R. Hunt but they maintained these positions to the flag, R. Hunt victorious from Kranz and M. Hunt.

Grech-Cumbo then Lawrence and R. Hunt, and a first lap touch between Kranz and Fisher saw them both end up off under the lap scorer’s box. This left us with only 4 and the first of the 4 was still Grech-Cumbo, Lawrence, R. Hunt then M. Hunt and all of them going around together in a tight bunch, so maybe some good racing ahead. R. Hunt and Lawrence swapped spots and things got a bit wild and willing from time to time, but Grech-Cumbo held sway out front – R. Hunt hot on his crash bar. Try as he might R. Hunt could not get past and Grech-Cumbo drove well to hold on to the win, Lawrence then M. Hunt.

R. Hunt and M. Hunt to the lead ahead of Grech-Cumbo then Lawrence, Kranz and Fisher and the 2 Hunts set about building a lead. Lawrence and Grech-Cumbo started dicing for 3 and 4 with Lawrence going into 3 at JSKC, but allowing the Hunts to vamoose off into the distance, Rhys leading Mal. With 4 to go Lawrence was catching the leaders while Grech-Cumbo was falling back so might get interesting towards the end. Last lap and Lawrence was right on M. Hunt – R. Hunt looked safe but Mal might have his work cut out to hang on to 2nd – in the end he did hang on with Lawrence right on him at the line but not able to get past – Rhys Hunt already the winner

All Points: – 1. R. Hunt 2. Grech-Cumbo 3. M. Hunt

Clubman Heavy / Clubman Super Heavy

20140727CH_SH034The 2 classes joined this month with Mastorakos, Martin and Sidwell the order in Heavy, and Polak and Kemp in Super Heavy. From then on the only interest lay in whether Sidwell or Martin would finish 3nd in Heavy – Mastorakis was well clear in the lead and Polak was well ahead in Super Heavy. In the end this was the order, Sidwell the best of the rest in Heavy.

20140727CH_SH056Heat 2 begins with only 2 Heavys as Martin pulled out before the race, leaving Mastorakos and Sidwell, and Polak and Kemp in Supers. Then, in a hugely comical first lap both Mastorakos and Sidwell spun together at Tony Kart turn and both went out, leaving exactly no Clubman Heavy competitors, so the 2 Super Heavys continued on their merry way, Polak leading Kemp by a few kart lengths – at least the remaining race was sort of interesting. Then high drama! With 4 to go Kemp went under Polak at Grid Hairpin and for a moment it looked like they might come together and also finish in the dirt, but they came out with Polak now 2nd, and the race continued – until Kemp crossed the line 1st to take the win.

20140727CH_SH063A race of 2 pairs as Martin did not take part in the 3rd Heat of Heavy, so Mastorakos then Sidwell, Polak then Kemp. For the first 6 laps almost nothing happened but then Kemp and Polak put on some of the most entertaining racing of the day. Kemp reeled Polak in and they engaged in some vigorous side pod rubbing for a lap or two, smoke pouring from the rubbing tyres at one stage, then they eased off for a lap, then Kemp had another go and got under Polak and it was all highly watchable as he held on to take the win, meanwhile Mastorakos and Sidwell had pulled away and were already back at their trailers in Heavy.

All Points – Heavy 1. Mastorakis 2 Sidwell 3. Martin
All Points – Super Heavy 1. Kemp 2. Polak 3. –

Junior National Light

20140727JNL087Qualifying for this month’s feature class saw a spectacular crash and red flag with D’Alia and Scanlan colliding after D’Alia stopped on the side of the track on the first lap, so only 3 of the class actually recorded a time once qualifying was restarted – Forrester the fastest of them, then Woollard and Kolar, and at the green it was Kolar to the front but D’Alia making up for his back of grid start position was through to 3rd behind Forrester in only a few laps. By halfway Kolar still held the lead, Forrester 2nd and D’Alia’s charge had sort of stopped as he seemed to be stranded in 3rd, well behind him were Scanlan and Woollard. In the end a comfortable win to Kolar.

20140727JNL005Kolar away well and D’Alia followed through to be 2nd then Bell, Forrester, Woollard and Scanlan. Kolar kept pulling clear from D’Alia and looked like he would go away with it, Forrester dropping a little further back in 3rd. At the flag it was Kolar still comfortably ahead of D’Alia and Forrester.

Kolar away with D’Alia behind him after the first corner, then Forrester, Scanlan, Woollard and Bell, but Kolar looked like he would be untouchable a lap or 2 in as he had a commanding lead. What then unfolded was a very uninteresting race as no one changed position but good on Kolar as he cruised to a win, D’Alia behind him and Forrester 3rd.

Final Result: 1.Kolar 2. D’Alia 3. Forrester