Karting Australia Reshaping Of Karting Q&A

The Karting Australia Whole Of Sport Review document has left many competitors wanting clarification of the numerous changes that may occur in the near future.

After receiving input from it’s members, the VKA has written to Karting Australia asking for clarification on various points.This document is available to download here.

The following is a release from Karting Australia dated 2/9/2014. It contains 3 documents of Q&A’s.


Since we released the Whole of Sport Review of karting in Australia (WOSR) on 15 August, a number of questions have been posed and issues raised. Some have come to us from our member State Associations, some from our competitors and officials through traditional channels of communication, some through social media.

For the benefit of those who have legitimately sought to raise matters that are of concern to them as members of Karting Australia we will endeavor to provide clarification of the most frequently raised questions and issues. We look forward to further discussions with and comments from our State and Territory Associations.

Many of the answers are actually contained in the report but as it is over 30,000 words long we thought that it may assist our karters if we did a simple Q&A.

It is a big report. It seems that some have indeed taken the time to read it, it is apparent that very many have not and have relied either upon opinion or hearsay or just the Executive Summary. Please take the time to read it.

Part 1 – General
Part 2 – Engines
Part 3 – Competition