Results 2011 Rotax Pro Tour Round 1

Held in stifling conditions, the first Rotax Pro Tour round of 2011 has been completed. Results and commentary are available via the official Rotax Pro Tour Twitter feed.

Full results are now posted on

Here are the place getters:

  • Rotax Light – D.Sera, De Maio, Lindstrom
  • Rotax Heavy – Woolston, Mitchener, Rodgers
  • Rotax Super Heavy – Reeves, Otter, Lalas
  • Rotax Over 35 – Robson, Harch, Woodland
  • Open Class (DD2) – J.Pringle, Ensbey, Gread
  • Formula JMA Light – Mawson, Gracie, Morey
  • Formula JMA Heavy – Kennedy, Crossingham, Richardson