Damon Strongman Wins JRD Formula Vee Test Drive

JRD (Junior Racing Developments) have issued the following press release after last weeks Junior Top Guns events held at OGKRC.

Date: 29/01/2011
Subject: Damon Strongman takes out prize of JRD test drive at the 2011 Junior Top Guns.

Damon Strongman has taken out the 2011 Junior Racing Development prize of a test day in one of the teams Sabre 02 Formula Vees.

Following a late switch of the sponsored category after consultation between the Oakleigh kart club and JRD due to insufficient entries in the Junior Clubman class, Junior National Light drivers were given the opportunity to win the test drive and Damon made the most of it.

Although closely challenged all weekend by Liam McLellan, Justin Francis and Justin Black, Damon was ultimately too strong and took pole position on both nights and all race wins.

An enthusiastic Damon commented after his win, “I really want to thank dad and all of my sponsors – Karcher Australia, Adam Macrow Racing and Ash Budd Photography. I also want to thank Junior Racing Development for this wonderful prize and opportunity; I can’t wait to test the Sabre 02”.

“The guys in JNL really put on a good show this weekend and Damon was a standout with his 4 race wins. Damon showed a great deal of maturity in his driving and wasn’t just fast, but stayed calm when under pressure and showed he could be really consistent which is what we look for in our drivers. The two Justin’s and Liam also did a great job and also showed good form amongst a nearly full grid” agreed JRD’s Daniel Reinhardt, Brett MacLennan and Michael Reinhardt.

“It was unfortunate that the small number of entries for Junior Clubman necessitated a change in categories, however the JNL class were fantastic and we are pleased with the way the drivers performed. We will be exploring other categories with the club before next years event and will look to have an announcement out early as to which category we will be supporting” said Brett MacLennan.

As Damon is still a little too young to take his prize due to licence restrictions, JRD will be taking an active interest in his results over the course of the year and will conduct the test as soon as Damon is able.

For more information on Junior Racing Development go to juniorracing.com.au