February Club Day Presidents Letter

Dear Members,
Our first club day has been run and won. We had a few hiccups at the start that unfortunately made us start a little behind schedule, but due to karters being on their toes for the starts we made up time and still finished at a good and respectable hour.

We had a few difficulties with karters wanting to enter classes without having the appropriate licence grading. The AKA licence / entry system (CMS) does not allow the club to upgrade licences, and the club does not have the authority to upgrade licences, the VKA/AKA is responsible for that task, and only after you have all of your endorsements. It is the karters responsibility to ensure that this is done well before race day as it cannot be done at the track. All karters are able to check their licence grading and status on line with their licence number and password on the AKA website.

There has been some problems with the marking out of pit spots. Whilst it is convenient for members to be able to mark out pit spots prior to a race meeting, if any disputes for pit spots arise, the committee will have no choice but to remove all ropes and markings and it will be first in best dressed.

I really want to encourage all competitors to enter on line for race meetings. We can then check that competitors have entered the correct class and you will also know if your licence is up to date. This also has the added benefit of speeding up the entry taking process.

The club still needs more helpers to run our meetings. (Funnily enough the President would like to have a race and not be in the starters box.) Then we will have more officials and helpers on the track.

Regarding class numbers, if we do not get more entries in some classes we will be forced to join classes or make them a mid weight. It gets a bit boring watching 5 karts go around.

Our next general meeting is on March 8th at the club rooms and I hope to see you there to voice your opinions or listen to what is happening around the club.

Adam Bourke
President OGKRC