President At Vic Open

So, you’ve decided to race one of the prestigious State Titles like the Victorian or NSW Open, or maybe you’ve decided to have a crack at the Nationals. You’ve heard about how tough the racing and competition can be and you know that to succeed in say the fiercely competitive Clubman Light category you’ll have to be right on your game. You and your driver will have to work together as a team, analysing data post race, working out weaknesses in the opposition, going over the kart with a keen eye looking for every little thing that can go wrong (and often only does at a big meeting), checking back through your records looking for that one small tweak that might coax half a tenth from the kart. The pressure can be too great for some and tensions can rise, emotions can boil over and see drivers and mechanics strained to breaking point. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our President……
Paul Griffiths

2013 Vic Open