Results 2013 CIK Stars Of Karting Round 1

Results of the CIK Stars Of Karting Round 1 held at Ipswich Kart Club, QLD.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

Drivers shown in bold, are OGKRC members.

  • KFJ – Liam McLellan, James Abela, Andrew Kahl
  • KF – Luke Gabin, Matthew Waters, Brooke Topp
  • KZ2 – Christopher Hays, Joey Hanssen, John Grother
  • TAG 125 Light – Adam Mercer, Jaxon Evans, Chris Farkas
  • TAG 125 Heavy – Brendan Nelson, Jason Hryniuk, William Yarwood
  • Rookies – Oscar Piastri, Harrison Hoey, Ryan Suhle
  • TAG Restricted Heavy – David Johnstone, Jeromy Sonter, Michael Osmond
  • TAG Restricted Light – Kyle Henry-Smith, Donnelle Waldon, Cohen Archer