AKA Nationals 2014

From OGKRC President, Adam Bourke.

The AKA Nationals this year were held in Newcastle, New South Wales, over the Easter weekend. As usual, OGKRC was well represented with some 13 entrants.

Whilst OGKRC did not win a green plate this year, there were some very worthy racers out there.

I think I have listed all our entrants, but if I missed someone let me know and I will add you.

  • Junior National Light – Oscar Piastri 8th, Aaron Cameron 12th, Mathew Steele 25th and Holly Marquis 40th
  • Junior National Heavy: Aaron Cameron 4th (qualified pole), Cody Donald (Victorian Champion) 12th, Holy Marquis 5th, Luis Leeds 21st
  • Junior Clubman: Oscar Piastri: 2nd (First ever Nationals), Damon Strongman 5th, Luis Leeds 21st
  • Clubman Heavy: Luke Marquis 8th
  • X30 Light: James Sera 3rd
  • Clubman Light: James Sera 3rd, Justin Francis 11th, Wayne Bourke 20th, Luke Marquis 22nd and Nicholas Steele 23rd

OGKRC President
Adam Bourke