The Griffiths Report April Club Day 2014

A sunny April Sunday greeted the 98 karters who rolled up for Oakleigh’s Club Day this month. After the Vic Open and the Nationals, it was a more relaxing pace as we returned to Club Days.

TAG 125 Heavy

20140427TaGH070Sheales away off 2nd to the lead followed by Matera and Kranz, and on Lap 2 Kranz through to 2nd as they spread out behind them. A number of dropped chains and spins took out others back in the pack, while out front Kranz got to the lead with a couple to go. Sheales and Matera gave chase but Kranz looked comfortable in front and took the win.

Heat 2 underway with R. Hunt to the lead ahead of Maruszak and then M. Hunt, but soon it was M. Hunt in 2nd and Kranz through to 3rd ahead of Maruszak followed by Barlee and Grech-Cumbo. 4 to go and Kranz closing on M. Hunt for 2nd until he had a half look at JSKC and dropped back as a result, bringing Barlee up on the back of him, but out front all R. Hunt and M. Hunt hung on for 2nd as Kranz held off Barlee.

Kranz just a touch at Arrow corner with R. Hunt as they went green, but they held it all together and got through Lap 1 unscathed, M. Hunt through to 3rd then Grech-Cumbo behind him. They settled for the journey until Matera had a huge lose at Arrow corner and was collected by both M and P Maruszak on the way through and they all ended up spearing off into the scenery and out of the race. Meanwhile back at the front it was Kranz, R. Hunt and M. Hunt with Grech-Cumbo in 4th. Battle of the Hunts with 2 to go as Mal goes through on Rhys, and Grech-Cumbo through to 3rd as well but all Kranz out front and an easy win.

All Points: – 1. Kranz 2. R. Hunt 3. M. Hunt

Clubman Light

20140427CL017O’Connell and Citrine the front row in Heat 1 but O’Connell went off in the roll arounds so Citrine away best at the green then Lane, D’Ettorre, Khan and Anagnostiadis – the whole field. Citrine and Lane pulled away and soon had a good gap on the field, but close to each other – Lane right on his hammer. As the laps wound down Citrine was under pressure from Lane until Lane just touched him going into the Carousel and dropped back, allowing Citrine to cruise to an easy victory.

Khan away to a flyer from Lane then Citrine, but Lane soon back on him and looking to go to the lead and Citrine keeping them well in his sights too, then went under Lane at JSKC to go to 2nd which eased the pressure on Khan, but only for a couple of laps as Citrine closed, then disaster all round as Lane pulled into the in grid with a problem and then Citrine rolled to a halt after he had a look at Khan up the inside of grid hairpin and something went awry with the kart. All this left Kahn sailing clear in the lead and Anagnostiadis came through to 2nd ahead of D’Ettorre and then O’Connell – Khan an untroubled win in the end.

D’Ettorre away best as we started Heat 3 of Clubman Light and Lane followed through to 2nd, then Citrine and away they went – Lane looking like he might get past at every 2nd corner but not quite getting the job done – then Citrine joined on the back of this pair and finally Lane through to the lead at the Carousel and Citrine followed him through to 2nd. These 2 then pulled away, but Lane pulled away slightly more quickly and took the win.

All Points: 1. Khan 2. D’Ettorre 3. Lane

Sportsman Restricted Light

20140427SRL177Bruckhans, Barnes, Westaway and Bird the front 4 in Heat 1 and Barnes the best of it at the start with Westaway following him through, then Bruckhans and Bird further back. Lap 3 and Westaway to the lead and further back Moreno was clear in 5th with Carless working through to 6th behind him. In the end Westaway went away to a comfortable win ahead of Barnes.

Heat 2 got off to a messy start with Bird and Bruckhans beached at Arrow corner in a huge spray of sand while Carless went through to the lead ahead of Resit and Westaway, then Moreno and Finnigan. By lap 6 Carless was well clear and it would take a mechanical failure to see him not win, while Westaway and Resit were locked in a battle for 2nd and 3rd. Westaway eventually got the better of this battle while Moreno closed on Resit for 3rd, but Carless over the line well ahead of all of them to take the win.

Westaway away, Careless less so, then Resit and Moreno, Barnes and Westaway, but the front pair were going away with it already and had a clear gap on the field. 2 laps in and Carless went to the lead and now he started to make a break as things spread out in his wake. Things continued to spread out and Carless continued to pull away and eventually greeted the chequered flag.

All Points: 1. Westaway 2. Carless 3. Moreno

Junior National Heavy

20140427JNH021Woolard and Filikotzias the front pair and Woollard snuck into the lead, but Cameron was through from 6th and into the front spot before 2 laps had been completed. Woollard then stuck with him while this pair gapped the field – the rest led by D’Alia then Scanlan, Frencham and Filikotzias back in 7th. Cameron eventually pulled slightly clear from Woollard and these 2 well clear of the rest as Cameron took the chequered flag.

Cameron, Frencham and Woollard 1, 2 & 3 as I missed the whole race with another issue distracting me from the report. Apologies, I’ll try and do better for Heat 3.

Cameron, Frencham and Woollard went to an early lead, then a gap to Bell, D’Alia, Filikotzias and Adolph; Scanlan meanwhile off under the lap scorer’s box. 3 laps in and a great fight for the lead, Frencham now in front from Cameron and Woollard, then Cameron back to the lead – you could cover the first 3 with a handkerchief. D’Alia the best of the rest then Bell, but all the interest in what I must say was a great duel out front. As the laps unfolded Cameron held them at bay but at no stage looked to be in command – Frencham particularly nibbling away at every opportunity. Cameron equal to the task though and held on well, finally getting an ever so small gap as they all jumped in the seat and ducked heads to get some sort of advantage, but Cameron had track position and that was what mattered in the end as he took the win.

All Points: 1. Cameron 2. Frencham 3. Woollard

Cadets & Rookies

20140427RaC012 cadetsCombined this month as we have only 2 Rookies, they being McGovern and P Plater Grant, and in Cadets it was Hocking and Stephenson. McGovern on his own out front with the 2nd Rookie a P Plater off the back of the Cadets, so McGovern had a lonely run in the lead , behind him the Cadets led by Hocking, Stephenson and then Callaghan through from back in the pack. Soon Callaghan was through to 2nd and closing on Hocking and on Lap 5 he was right on him and went under for the lead at MKC corner. McGovern meanwhile was still well clear in Rookies. Callaghan was under pressure from Hocking but in the end he hung on well for the win, McGovern already home in Rookies.

20140427RaC036 rookiesAgain McGovern off the front in Rookies, then Callaghan, Williams, Horner and Draffin in Cadets. Callaghan right on the Rookie McGovern and a gap now to Hocking who was through to 2nd. Eventually Callaghan passed McGovern to go to the overall lead, Horner now the 2nd Cadet, ahead of Hocking and Stephenson. Callaghan the Cadet winner and McGovern not surprisingly the Rookie winner.

McGovern the Rookie again, Callaghan, Hocking and Stephenson the Cadets behind him. McGovern looked like he would hold the overall lead this time as the Cadets squabbled behind him, but Callaghan squeezed past at Arrow and Hocking and Stephenson followed him through as McGovern ran a little wide on the exit and mowed the grass for a bit. Behind McGovern it was Horner, Mastroianni and Williams the next 3 Cadets, but out front it was all Callaghan – at least it was until he expired sans chain entering the Dipper to surrender the lead to Hocking – a shame for Callaghan when he had been going so well. So now Hocking in the lead, then Rookie McGovern who had got back past Cadet Stephenson to be 1st, and 2nd overall (if you follow me!) and that’s the way they finished.

All Points Cadets: 1. Hocking 2. Stephenson 3. Horner
All Points Rookies: 1. McGovern 2. Grant 3. –


20140427TaG40s014Baldacchino and Griffin off the front here – Griffin having one of his infrequent races so good to see him out there and away they went, and Griffin the best of it as Baldacchino dropped back, Alabaster through to 3rd and then the lead after a lap, Griffin a clear 2nd as the rest battled on well back – Gillick then Hunt and Baldacchino. Alabaster waltzed away in the lead, and Griffin drifting back a bit as Gillick closed on him with 2 to go, but Griffin held on at the end, Alabaster already home in 1st.

Alabaster off Pole and away with Hunt in 2nd then Griffin, Gillick and Baldacchino. If he went like he did in the first heat, Alabaster would drive away and that’s what he looked like doing – a huge gap after only a couple of laps, Griffin meanwhile ran wide and dropped back into 4th, Hunt and Gillick ahead of him.

Alabaster again away well from Griffin and Hunt as the old guys got going for their 3rd Heat. A lap later Hunt turned around at Tony Kart and rejoined at the rear, so now Alabaster, Griffin and Gillick the leading 3. By halfway Alabaster had amassed a huge gap – he certainly had the thing set up today, Griffin and Gillick just specks in his mirrors as he drove off into the afternoon sun and that’s the way they crossed the line, Baldacchino 4th and Hunt 5th.

All Points: 1. Alabaster 2. Griffin 3. Gillick

Sportsman Restricted Heavy

20140427SRH108McCutcheon away at the green from Gigis, then Payne through from 6th and then a gap back to Hoad, Blizzard, Watt, Martin and Dorning. 3 laps down and McCutcheon and Gigis locked together out front – lap after lap they kept this up but finally McCutcheon pulled small break – but only a small one, meanwhile Payne was closing too – suddenly there were 3 of them, but McCutcheon held on in the end for the win.

Payne away best at the green light from Blizzard and Todd, then McCutcheon closing in 4th. McCutcheon kept closing until some sort of gremlin struck at Tony Kart and he rolled to a halt. Blizzard meanwhile had Payne right under the pump at the front. As the laps rolled by Payne managed to pull slightly clear and took the win.

Payne and Gigis off the front and Payne got away well to lead Gigis then Blizzard and McCutcheon who was recovering from his heat 2 DNF. After a number of laps Payne was not having it all his own way with Gigis right on him then a small gap back to Blizzard and McCutcheon, the rest well back. In the end Payne held on from a determined Gigis, Blizzard 3rd.

All Points: 1. Payne 2. Gigis 3. Blizzard

Junior National Light

20140427JNL017Piastri and D’Alia away at the start as Woollard and Frencham dropped back a bit, then Forrester closing on this pair and a lap later Forrester through to 3rd, but out front it was all Piastri, now a clear leader over D’Alia and that’s the way things finished, so (**Dad joke alert**) an Oscar winning performance by Piastri.

Scanlan and Kolar the front row for Heat 2 and Kolar away best to lead Scanlan, Forrester and Piastri in 4th. Before long (Lap 3) Piastri was through to 2nd and then through to the lead at the Dipper. This signalled a charge away from Piastri but it sure got willing behind him: Scanlan, Forrester, Kolar, D’Alia, Pancione, Frencham and Woollard all snaked around like a giant go kart caterpillar while Piastri just looked like a go kart all on his own out front. Eventually the pack broke up a bit as Scanlan, Forrester and D’Alia broke clear but Piastri across 1st then a stoush behind him as Forrester got across the line by 1/1000th from Kolar then Scanlan a tenth behind in 4th.

Piastri to the lead with D’Alia close behind as Forrester dropped back to 3rd, then to last at Tony Kart as he spun – bad luck after showing some promising speed in the heats. Piastri and D’Alia meanwhile were away , Frencham well back in 3rd, then Kolar, Pancione, Woollard and the recovering Forrester. In the end Piastri in a canter from D’Alia, Pancione 3rd.

All Points: 1.Piastri 2. D’Alia 3. Forrester

TAG 125 Light

20140427TaGL086Slits off like a shot as we went green, then Edwards through from 6th, then a gap back to a gaggle of karts led by Kranz, Flodstrom, Kovacs and Baldacchino. No stopping Slits though and by halfway he was well clear, Edwards a lonely 2nd place, then Kranz who had puller clear in 3rd and so they greeted President Adam Bourke doing a sterling job on chequered flag waving duty today.

Kovacs to the lead then Edwards, Slits and Dvorak as they settled down for the journey. After a couple of laps Edwards looked like he might trouble Kovacs , and sure enough was on his crashbar a lap later, Slits now clear in 3rd. Edwards to the lead at the Dipper next lap and now Slits was going to try and catch Kovacs too – these 3 would provide the winner. 2 to go and Slits was right on Kovacs – Edwards was clear out front. Try and he might Slits couldn’t get by Kovacs so had to settle for 3rd in the end, Edwards the victor.

Slits then Edwards, Kovacs then Flodstrom, but the first 3 was where the action was – Slits working hard to stay in front. He and Edwards pulled away and while Edwards gained he could not pass so Slits held on for a narrow victory then well back to 3rd.

All Points – 1. Slits 2 .Edwards 3. Kovacs

Clubman Heavy / Clubman Super Heavy

20140427CHSH045Combined again this month, the Clubman classes just struggling to get the numbers, as I think all Clubs are finding at Club Day level. Mastorakis and Martin in Heavy, Kemp and Polak in Super Heavy, the 2 front rows as we got underway with Mastorakis to the lead in Heavy and Fisher through in Super Heavy. The Heavys were glued together – all 2 of them, with Mastorakis the leader. Further back, Heavy P Plater Poon tangled with Polak, seeing the latter beached at Arrow corner but apart from this not much happened – Mastorakis and Fisher the 2 winners.

20140427CHSH080Much the same as Heat 1; Mastorakis and Martin locked together in front of Heavy, with Fisher and Polak in Supers. Fisher pulled well clear from Polak but Mastorakis and Martin were as one until by halfway Mastorakis seemed to gain the upper hand – but not for long as Martin zeroed in again; he just couldn’t seem to get past him. Fisher meanwhile had time to stop for a snack in Supers as he cruised to an easy win, Mastorakis held on in Heavy.

Martin to the lead for a change in Heavy, but before long Mastorakis back to the front – back in Super Heavy it was Fisher then Polak and Kemp, with Heavy P Platers Poon and Rae sprinkled amongst them. With 5 to go Martin went under Mastorakis at MKC – high excitement, but then Mastorakis back under him at JSKC, so situation normal. 5 laps later that’s how they crossed the line.

All Points – Heavy 1. Mastorakis 2 .Martin 3. Poon
All Points – Super Heavy 1. Fisher 2. Kemp 3. Polak

Junior Clubman

20140427JC073Cameron fastest qualifier ahead of Piastri, then Griffin and Lewis, and Cameron got away well as the remaining karts spread out behind him. From then on very little of interest happened – Cameron continued to lead, Piastri continued to come 2nd and so on. In the end maybe Piastri was gaining slightly on Cameron, but he needed to gain on him more quickly if he was going to threaten – and threaten he did not, as Cameron cruised over the line.

Heat 2 threatened more of the same – and it delivered as within a few metres of the start they were again in the same order – Cameron, Piastri, Griffin and Lewis. Lap 4 though and Piastri was right on the back of Cameron so maybe we were in for some excitement after all. Then he went under him a lap later at JSKC, so a new leader and then Piastri began to pull away – so looks like we might see some action in the Final as Piastri took the win.

Piastri well away as Cameron didn’t get the greatest start, but recovered well a few corners later to be right on the back of Piastri, these 2 then took up where they had left off and boxed on for the lead. Meanwhile, much further back, Griffin and Lewis were having their own boxing match for 3 and 4. Up front on lap 4 Cameron took it to Piastri at the Grid Hairpin and went to the lead, while Griffin seemed to get on top of Lewis and pulled slightly clear. At this stage they seemed to settle into a rhythm – Cameron and Piastri, then Griffin and Lewis much further back -, until Lewis found a problem and rolled to a stop exiting JSKC, so now there were 3, and that’s how they ended: Cameron, Piastri and Griffin

Final: 1. Cameron 2. Piastri 3. Griffin